Wrist tattoo ideas for men and women – choose the best design for you

by Kremy

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Wrist tattoo ideas for men and women are so diverse and depending on your personal preferences you will definitely find an image to suit your taste, lifestyle and personality. The wrist has long been considered a zone which attracts energy waves. As a rule, people are attracted by a tattoo on the wrist and many people choose that body part for their first tattoo. Some limit themselves to a small tattoo, and for some, the tattoo on the wrist is the beginning of the path which ends with a full sleeve design.

Many people are afraid of placing a tattoo on the wrist because of the myth that this is an extremely painful procedure. However, both tattoo artists and people who already have one, say that this is not true. Of course, sensitivity is a very personal thing but those who wonder whether their veins will be pierced may remain calm – this is just another popular misconception and an experienced artist will not do that.


Wrist tattoo ideas for men and women – what is important to know


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Wrist tattoo ideas for men and women can be vary artistic and feature numerous images. However, before going to the studio, you need to keep in mind a few important considerations.

  • The wrist is a place for small neat images and if you think of a large realistic design or a well-developed plot, the wrist is not your option.
  • You can successfully hide scars with a wrist tattoo. Discuss the design with your tattoo artist, share your ideas with him and listen to his ideas as well.
  • This is the perfect place for a tattoo that you do not want to be immediately visible. Usually these tattoos are small and thanks to that they look very neat and aesthetically pleasing. Clothes like sweaters and shirts with long sleeves will easily hide it. You can also hide it with a watch or accessories.
  • Wrist tattoos are small and you will cost cheaper than larger designs. In addition, the variety of designs is, practically endless –animals, flowers, birds, feathers, to inscriptions, a mantra or motto, hearts, chains, names, important dates of your life, etc.
  • As a drawback, one can point out that wrist tattoos are likely to lose their appearance since they are exposed to sunlight and other external influences. This may also prolong the healing period, so it is good to keep it mind.
  • Some companies do not allow their employees to have tattoos and you may have problems with your superiors if you work for such a company.

Wrist tattoo ideas for men and women – beautiful and original designs to choose from

wrist tattoos for men and women pairs tattoos

As we already mentioned wrist tattoo ideas for men and women are as many and different as the people who wear them. The meaning of the tattoo on your wrist, of course, depends on the particular image that you will apply. Most of the drawings on the wrist are made restrained and delicate in one color. However, you can choose watercolor designs or bright tattoos that play with all colors and shades. Here are some of the top choices for both men and women:

  • Inscriptions – the great thing about inscriptions is that they can be done in a variety of fonts (and colors) and you can have your favorite quote, mantra, motto, names and symbolic dates or a sentence on your wrist. You can choose any language as well – Latin, English, French, Arabic, Hebrew, etc.
  • Kanji tattoos are a hit but you need to be really careful when choosing the symbol. The general rule for inscriptions and kanji or words and quotes in a foreign (and especially exotic) language is to make sure that the phrase is written and translated correctly so you are absolutely clear about the meaning. Sometimes a missed dot gives a phrase almost the opposite meaning and you may end up with an absurd tattoo which, in turn, may lead to unpleasant situations and comments.
  • Birds are often the choice of romantic, freedom-loving individuals. The meaning, of course, will depend on the particular bird that you choose – owls, hawks, hummingbirds, crows, storks, pigeons, eagles, etc. For example, the swallow represents love, tenderness, and is also a symbol of hope and youth while a dove stands for love and femininity, as well as peace, faithfulness and strong spirit.
  • Feather and wing tattoos are another symbol of freedom and stand for lightness, weightlessness and hope for a bright future. This is a very gentle pattern which is especially suitable for the wrist.
  • Flower tattoos are perhaps, the most popular pattern that girls choose. Before inking your tattoo you need to find out the meaning of the flower as each one has its own symbolism and some flowers can have a negative meaning.
  • Heart tattoos always mean only one thing – love. Therefore, such a design has a special meaning for every individual – the story of love, friendship or disappointment. The meaning of a heart and pulse tattoo is a little bit different, however. It expresses a desire to live, life’s ups and downs, the need to move forward and never give up.
  • The infinity sign speaks for itself. On one hand, it is just a mathematical symbol, but on the other hand it has a special meaning. Eternity of being, knowledge of the world and happiness – all these meanings stand behind the infinity symbol.
  • Bracelet tattoos on the wrist are equally popular among men and women. These tattoos are considered to be a strong amulet which protects its owner from negative experiences. You can combine different elements – feathers and flowers, stylish pendants, etc.


lotus tattoo ideas for women

Of course you can choose any other symbol in any style – hamsa, lotus, cat, dog, wolf, lion, cross, compass, diamond – the options are endless!



wrist tattoos hamsa design for men and women

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wrist tattoo ideas for men and women

wrist tattoo ideas for men

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