Gorgeous ankle bracelet tattoo ideas for women of all ages

by Kremy

sexy ankle tattoo designs for women

We have selected some gorgeous ankle bracelet tattoo ideas for women as they are some of the most original, stylish and creative ways to decorate your body with an unusual accessory. Very often women choose tattoo designs just for decoration and a beautiful image around the ankles is a great way to express their personality. There are ladies who choose a particular style and composition, while others choose a particular design emotionally, just because they like it.

The fashion of ankle bracelet tattoos dates back many years ago and initially images had a certain meaning. When women began wearing jewelry bracelets on their feet to emphasize the slender legs this was a way to demonstrate personality, creativity and eccentricity but wearing a real bracelet is not always appropriate and convenient especially in the season of tight pantyhose and trousers. Bracelet tattoos appeared and became hugely popular so many women started tattooing their ankles with different images which were chosen as an original body decoration which not necessarily bear a certain meaning.


Ankle bracelet tattoo ideas – useful tips and considerations


ankle bracelet tattoo design ideas flowers


The legs of a woman are considered as one of the most erotic parts of her body. Yes, ankle bracelet tattoo ideas look amazingly beautiful when you look at them in a catalog or on photos but there are some very important things that you need to know before going to the studio.

On the first place you need to ask yourself what effect you want to achieve – do you want an ankle tattoo for more feminine and delicate appearance or you want to achieve a more aggressive look? Do you like some particular style or technique? Color tattoos can be quite discreet while traditional ones may stand out more. In a professional studio you will be offered a lot of choices but it is important that the design expresses your personality and individuality. One thing that women seldom think about is their physical characteristics – leg length, ankle thickness, skin color. Remember that bracelet tattoos optically shorten the leg and are not suitable for short ladies.

Temporary or permanent tattoo? Having a temporary tattoo is a good decision when you are not certain whether you want to have one image for the rest of your life or you just do not want to wear a tattoo for a long time, but change the image every season. In addition to that, with a temporary tattoo, the risks of infection or allergy are almost none.

If you have decided to put on a permanent tattoo on your skin, consider the following:

Think about the tattoo design – you can go through the catalogs in the studio or draw it by yourself. Either way, it is a good idea to get acquainted with the tattoo meaning beforehand.

Choose a reputable studio and tattoo artist – this is important not only for the perfect tattoo, but also for your health. An experienced artist will explain you what to do and how to treat your skin during the process of healing.

The season is important. Ankle tattoos are best done in late spring or early summer.


Ankle bracelet tattoo ideas – popular designs, images and their meaning

ankle bracelet tattoo design ideas for women

Ankle tattoos in the form of a bracelet feature many and different designs. Typically, these tattoos are thin, elegant and delicate because there is not enough space and massive bracelets with lots of details look inappropriate and way too “heavy”. Of course, this does not mean that you have to make a line of tiny dots. Some girls choose beautiful bracelet designs and add accents – it can be a cross, a beautiful amulet, a feather, a heart, etc. As a rule, the size of the bracelet tattoo is determined by its design and stylistic decision. The most popular themes for ankle bracelet tattoos are:

  • Lace – one color (often black) thin lines, with a delicate weaving of threads;
  • Chains and beads – rings, pendants, feathers – any ethnic and original decorative elements easily fit into the tattoo;
  • Tattoo with an intricate floral ornament. Such tattoos are distinguished by the special artistic expressiveness and are very romantic, tender and gentle. The most popular are flowers and climbing plants around the legs. Often, butterflies are added as an accent
  • Tattoos with ethnic patterns (for example, with oriental ornaments);
  • Floral, folklore motifs, climbing plants are also timeless classics, never boring and provide a huge choice of options;
  • Tribal tattoos in Celtic or Polynesian style – For example, tattoos in Celtic style immediately attract attention with intricate patterns and drawings. These tattoos can hardly be confused with any other. Most Celtic tattoos are performed in black, but today you can also see colored tattoos that emphasize the beauty of the drawing. The most commonly used pattern is an ornament with intricate knots as they are considered a kind of talisman against evil eye and envy;
  • Names, inscriptions and kanji – most often this is a way to remind yourself and others about an important event. The inscriptions are made in a semicircle or around the ankle.
  • Classic scenes depicted in the form of a circle. It can be, for example, hand-around hearts, flower arrangement, animals or birds, skulls and much, much more;
  • Graceful abstract patterns – intertwining lacy ornaments give the image a special sense of femininity and refinement.

amazing ankle tattoos bracelet for women

Not many girls are really interested in the meaning of tattoos but it is nice to find out what the symbol means as it will decorate your skin for many years. For example, butterflies (a symbol of transformation), are one of the most popular choice as accents. Here are some more tattoo elements and their meaning.

  • A snake around the ankle means fertility, health and eternal life;
  • The dragon is a symbol of magic and great power;
  • Hearts – typically the hearty is a symbol of love and devotion, but not always. A heart pierced with an arrow would mean lost love, disappointment, suffer and pain;
  • The rose is also a symbol of love, and yet – innocence and purity;
  • Bracelet tattoos often include a horseshoe in different variations. This is a sign of good luck, a kind of a powerful amulet.

Often there are tattoos with the image of the crowns (fidelity), fish (wisdom), anchor and whichever pattern you choose for your ankle bracelet tattoo, one thing is certain – it will be something unique and individual!


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red heartbeat bracelet tattoo on the ankle

mandala tattoo ideas for women ankle bracelet

mandala bracelet tattoo ankle ideas for women

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feminine ankle tattoo bracelet on ankle

best ankle bracelet tattoos ideas

beautiful ankle bracelet tattoo ideas for women

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ankle tattoo ideas bracelet designs for women

ankle bracelet tattoo designs for women

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