DIY Pallet chicken coop ideas – useful tips and hints for the construction

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DIY pallet chicken coop ideas important rules

DIY Pallet chicken coop ideas can be not only functional but beautiful as well. Those of you who got tired of ugly outdoor structures and weird ideas how a coop should look will find true inspiration in the photos that we selected for you.

People living in farms or suburban residences know that building a chicken coop is not very difficult, and the benefit of keeping chickens is huge – you have fresh eggs and meat as well as organic fertilizer. Those who consider such a project need to get acquainted with the basic rules for keeping birds so that your chickens feel comfortable and live in a healthy environment.


DIY Pallet chicken coop ideas – what is important to know before construction


how to build chicken coop


When your chickens feel comfortable they will give more eggs, so you need to think how to provide favorable conditions. Generally, the size of the chicken coop is something that matters greatly and is determined based on the number of chickens living in it. The best option is to provide 1 square meter for two adult chickens.

It is necessary to choose the right place for the coop. It should be built on a raised platform so that after rainfall water does not flood it.

Shape and orientation – for example, an elongated rectangular shape is better to orient from the east to the west while the windows are located on the south side. This will save on heating and lighting during the winter months.

DIY coop for chicken protection tips

Safety – protection from predators and rodents is an important consideration. A mesh buried in the ground or a higher foundation are good options.

Heating, lighting and insulation – people live in different climatic zones so some coops may need heating while others – not. A summer chicken coop is the simplest and cheapest design. To construct one, you do not need a large amount of material, any special skills and abilities. In most cases, summer chicken coops are built without foundation and the protection against rats and other predators is usually mesh, buried in the ground. However, you need to add a canopy to make sure that the birds do not overheat in the sun.

A winter chicken coop differs from the summer ones as it needs insulated walls. A foundation is also a must as it helps retain the heat. Additional lighting is also provided, ventilation is installed and there should be a fenced area for walking.


DIY Pallet chicken coop ideas – construction tips and hints

pallet wood for building chicken coop

Homeowners who consider DIY Pallet chicken coop ideas need to understand the pros and cons of pallet wood as a construction material. Pallets are a packaging material and the wood is great for constructing numerous items – indoor and outdoor furniture, a dog house, vertical gardens, etc. Using pallet wood, you can save a lot of money and at the same time make your construction quickly and efficiently.

Advantages of wooden pallets:

  • Durable and strong – pallet wood is strong, durable and reliable as pallets are meant to bear heavy loads;
  • Availability – Pallets are easy to find and you can find them either new or used. In addition, this is a recyclable material which can be used in many ways;
  • Low price – used pallets are really cheap and sometimes you may find them for free.

Disadvantages of wooden pallets:

  • Pallets are prone to bacterial growth and can develop fungus if kept damp for longer period;.
  • Wooden pallets are more susceptible to infestation by termites, ants and other insects;
  • Dirt and stain go into the rough surface easily and can be hard to remove;
  • Pallet wood is also susceptible to moisture damage, like any wood material, it would warp, twist and rot.

small coop for chicken from pallet wood

Here are some construction tips and hints which will be useful to all first time DIY-ers when they plan their chicken coop. Once you have supplied the wooden material you will also need some wood cutting tools, sheets of hardboard, nails and a good plan which will be a guarantee that your coop will meet all the technical requirements and will have a long service life. To make sure that your construction is going to serve the purpose, remember the six essential features of any chicken coop:

  • Safety – we mentioned earlier that you need to protect your hens from foxes and rats;
  • Roosting bars – those are the bars on which chicken will sleep at night. Make sure they are thick enough and should be placed in a separate area;
  • Nesting area – this is the area where hens lay their eggs;
  • Insulation – this is very important as the good insulation provides favorable conditions for your hens during winter months;
  • Ventilation – besides the flow of fresh air, a good ventilation will help you control the temperature during summer months so that the coop does not get too hot.
  • Protection from rain and wind – you need to make sure that your hens will be warm and dry in cold, windy and rainy weather.

All chicken coops consist of two main zones – for daytime walking and night stay. Based on this, chicken coops can be generally classified as follows:

Chicken coop with a free-range area – The house for hens stands alone, and the birds can freely move around the site. This type of construction has one drawback – it is difficult to control the birds and in this case the chicken litter will be dispersed all over the free-range area. Also, there is a danger that your hens may escape.

Closed coop – This is a type which provides a walking area for the hens which is limited by chicken fencing, usually a net. These coops are a good option for the summer but will need constant cleaning. Keep in mind that different breeds differ in size and some breeds need more space than others.

It is important that there is a window in the coop which will provide natural light which is especially important for the winter period as it artificially prolongs the duration of daylight hours to 15-17 hours and this allows chickens to carry eggs.

The coop has to be equipped with feeders and drinking bowls. They should be installed in such a way that the birds do not turn over the contents, and they could easily be refilled.

cute ideas for pallet wood chicken coops

Check out the designs in the photo gallery as many of them are excellent DIY Pallet chicken coop ideas!



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