Super cool kitchen mats and rugs to add a touch of color in your interior

by Kremy

original non slip waterproof mats for your kitchen

Useful and aesthetic, kitchen mats and rugs are practical and decorative accessories which protect the flooring from different objects such as food and grease drops. In addition to protecting the floor from stains and splashes, the mat contributes to the decoration of the room. We selected some of the best and super cool mats and rugs for you, which combine practicality, functionality, good and inspiring mood!

Cool kitchen mats ideas – trendy and funky designs for your area rugs


super cool kitchen mats and rugs ideas


Kitchen carpet designs are just as interesting and original as the design of furniture or accessories. Manufacturers present new ideas every season and you can choose from artistic designs to funky ideas with striking colors and patterns. These super cool mats ideas feature a variety of original patterns and you can choose one which will be a more subtle and elegant decoration in your interior or a pop of color that makes you feel really good!

Nowadays, kitchens are often a part of open plan living areas and many people use the space as a second living room or a place for family gatherings or entertaining. Obviously, when the kitchen is a part of the living area its decoration should not be neglected and it is important to choose the right accessories and decorative elements just like you do with your living room.

A kitchen mat has many advantages, starting with its practical aspect as it helps us keep the room in good condition by protecting the floor from dirt. You can place one in front of the sink or in front of the worktop or the stove, and in addition to its practical functions the area rug will also personalizes the space. In addition, a mat can limit domestic accidents like slipping.

Cool kitchen mats ideas – how to choose your area rug

kitchen floor rugs and mats ideas

Every housewife knows that the kitchen has to be maintained quickly and easily. When we talk about floor mats and rugs, we have to point out that not every carpet is suitable for this area. Very often the cooking area has a tiled flooring and most tiles can become very slippery when there are drops of water on the floor, a few crumbs or splashes when cooking. Kitchen mats come in different materials, but when you choose one it is advisable to opt for washable materials. Usually these mats are made of soft, non-toxic plastics that facilitate absorption and cleaning. The non-slip mat makes you feel safer in the room, since it absorbs water.

In terms of design, kitchen mats are available in different sizes and in a huge number of colors to suit any interior design. You can combine two or three mats in a large kitchen. The prints are so diverse that you can choose anything from neutral colors to original funky prints like “bottle of wine” print or the “cutlery” motif or for a more modern style with the “New York” print or the national flag of your country, bakery motifs, etc. Enjoy the gallery below and find the best mat for your kitchen!

super cool mats designs for your kitchen

original designs area rugs non slip mats

original area rugs non slip mats for kitchen

modern kitchen area rugs and mats

kitchen rugs and mats non slip floor cover

Kitchen mat advantages disadvantages design ideas

kitchen area rug with olives motif

kitchen area rugs and non slip mats

kitchen area rug non slip waterproof mats

fun non slip mats for kitchen

fun kitchen mats designs waterproof area rugs

kitchen area rugs with original prints

fun cute mats for kitchens

fun cartoon kitchen anti slip mat

fashionable area rugs and mats for your kitchen

cute cartoon kitchen anti slip mat

cool kitchen mat non slip area rugs


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