Ceramic countertops – innovative material for your kitchen interior

by Kremy

beautiful black ceramic kitchen countertop

Ceramic countertops are a real revolution in the kitchen furniture industry. They are one of the most practical options which offer highly resistant surface. At the same time these worktops have an impeccable appearance and are offered in a rich palette of textures and colors which provides great opportunities for using them in a variety of styles.

The growing popularity of ceramic worktops can be explained easily with the many advantages that we shall list below. Ceramics belong to very durable materials that are not affected by ultraviolet rays and retain their properties for many years. At the same time, ceramic countertops in the kitchen are easy to clean, they are resistant to high temperatures and moisture and come almost unlimited choice of color palette, rich texture and shape. It’s no secret that ceramics is one of the most wear-resistant materials and will not be affected by hot pans and pots or ice cubes.

People, who are looking for an alternative to natural stone or granite countertops can be certain that the ceramic option will add hugely to the comfort and convenience, but also complement the design of the interior and make it unique and exclusive.


What are the advantages of ceramic countertops?


pros and cons of modern countertops made of ceramics


Nowadays, ceramic countertops are considered to be among the strongest and highest quality kitchen equipment on the market. Having in mind that the worktop surfaces are a subject to many thermal and physical impacts, every customer would like to invest in something that will serve him for a long time and meet his criteria and requirements. Let’s have a close look at the advantages of ceramic countertops and their properties.

Durability and resistance – these are one of the most important characteristics, as the surface has to resist to various kinds scratches. Many people prefer to cut fruits, vegetables, meat or fish directly on the countertop. As we mentioned, ceramics is among the most durable materials and can be scratched only with diamond. In addition, the material does not absorb fats, dyes and other types of liquids, so it does not get stained. The resistance to moisture is another important quality as this prevents the development of any microorganisms.

The next most important quality for the customers is that the surface is shockproof. Ceramic countertops will withstand medium and weak shocks pounding meat with a meat mallet, for example.

Safety is a hugely important criterion. Modern ceramic countertops have a non-porous surface, which favorably affects the safety as bacteria cannot penetrate into the material and multiply. The ceramic surface is fire-resistant and frost-resistant.

Visual aesthetics – now, this is one of the most important properties of ceramic countertops and makes them an excellent choice as a finishing material. The consistency and depth of color and pattern even under the influence of external unfavorable factors is a guarantee that your worktop will retain its appearance. You can have a custom made design which will complement the interior of your kitchen as well. The choice of that kind of countertop will add significant value to your home not only aesthetical, but also financial.

Maintenance – due to the homogeneous and dense texture, these countertops are exceptionally easy to wash and clean.

Price – this is an important factor to many people searching for the best kitchen countertop. The size of the countertop and the material are the main components of the cost. Ceramics are an expensive material and it is very difficult to process but the exceptional properties of this surface make the investment worthwhile.


Ceramic countertops in contemporary kitchen design

modern countertops and sink ideas kitchen backsplash

Ceramic countertops have a modern and sleek appearance which will work very well for kitchen interiors designed in modern, contemporary and minimalist styles. Those who prefer other styles could opt for custom designs which will give them the opportunity to blend the surface into the overall design concept of the kitchen and the home. Ceramic surfaces look equally beautiful when combined with modern kitchen cabinets with gloss finish and with wooden cabinetry.

Customers can choose the thickness of their countertop as well so that it meets their personal preferences and taste. An option is to have a sink from the same material and in the same color and pattern which will give you a uniform look.

Enjoy the photos in the gallery below with ceramic countertops in contemporary kitchen design.


what is ceramic countertop kitchen design ideas

modern kitchen decorating ideas waterfall countertop


modern kitchen countertops advantages disadvantages ceramics

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chic kitchen design ideas with ceramic countertop

ceramic worktops kitchen design ideas

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ceramic countertops advantages disadvantages

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beautiful countertops for contemporary kitchens

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