Chicken coops – plans, design and ideas for your backyard

Written by Kremena Ruseva

cool chcicken coop plans ideas backyard coop plans

Chicken coops are becoming highly popular which is hardly a surprise to anyone, as many people begin to pay attention to the origin of their food. When you build a coop you can raise your own chicken and harvest their eggs, which means that you will have a constant supply of fresh eggs. From an environmental point of you, chicken droppings are a fertilizer and you could make money if you sold them.

Chicken coops plans and ideas

how to build a chicken coop ideas plans designs

There are two basic questions that you need to answer before starting to build anything. First one is how many chickens do you want to keep and second one is – how much space do you have to build the coop. If you have no experience in chicken growing, it is better to start with a small coop for 3-4 hens and expand it later. You always have the option to buy a pre-made chicken coop but there is always the option to build it by yourself. Chicken coop plans can be found on the internet depending on the desired size and shape. We have collected 25 chicken coops ideas which will probably be of help and inspiration for you.

How to build a chicken coop – cool chicken coops designs

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Once you have a basic idea of the size and the place of the coop, you need to consider the essential elements for a perfect coop which are vital for the well-being of your chickens. Chicken coops must provide shelter and protection for your hens. The location of the hoop is very important. It is advisable that the chicken hoop is located in a place with low moisture levels. Choose the location with attention to temperature as well. Too high and too low temperatures may have a negative effect on your chickens and may lead to a decrease in the productivity. Chickens should feel relaxed, so you need to choose the place of the chicken coop away from areas of activities. Chickens need a perching area which is important because they sleep best when perched. Nesting area is one of the most important areas in the coop. This is the area where the hens will lay their eggs. Insulate your coop to prevent the chickens from heat or cold. Leave space for the food and water of the chickens and make sure it is away from their droppings to prevent contamination. Do not forget that you should have access too – to clean the coop and gather the eggs.

prefab chicken coops wood nesting area

easy DIY chicken coop plans small coop backayrd coop

Modern chicken coop design idea

how to build a chicken coop small

fun coops plans ideas small backayrd

cool chicken coop barn style backyard coop plans

Cedar chicken green roof backyard coop

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 plants roof small backyard coop

chicken coops ideas small chicken coop

chicken coops ideas chicken house designs

Chicken coop design ideas wood mesh

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