Garden design ideas – small sheds and cottages for a cozy retreat

by Kremy


A garden cottage can become a home away from home which can be built quickly and easily. Small sheds and cottages are a great way to utilize your outdoor space and use it in the best possible way. We have chosen a few garden design ideas which feature several types of original garden cottages.

Garden design ideas for comfortable and romantic cottages



These small houses are appreciated not only by adults. They are extremely popular with children. They would be more than happy to have a place of their own to play and gather with friends. On the other hand backyard cottages are so charming and romantic. Most of us associate them with fairy tales and they remind us of the happy childhood. The purpose of cottages and sheds can be quite versatile – from storing kids’ toys to growing exotic plants. You will see in the gallery below some charming garden design ideas featuring elegant backyard cottages, modern structures and stylish backyard retreats.

Garden design ideas and tips for backyard cottages and sheds


If you have planned to build a backyard cottage you need to decide the style of it. Its appearance should respond to the architecture of your house. Carefully think where and how to place the structure so that you would get the best use of it. The garden path which will lead you to your cottage is also of great importance as it is an essential element of the landscape. The choice of plants must reflect the style of the cottage – if you wanted a romantic effect, it is advisable to choose blooming flowers in soft pastel shades. If you wanted a more contemporary vision, arrange flower beds in geometry shapes. The right furniture is another thing to consider. Remember that this is a small building and choose small, elegant and functional pieces. Choose your preferred backyard cottage or shed from the garden design ideas below.


Creative shed idea



 The small shed allows spending time outdoors



 Beautiful backyard cottage as an addition to house space


 Wonderful landscape with natural stone and perennials


 A wooden deck and path bordered by blooming plants


An old shed can be transformed into a comfortable cottage











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