Black and white Easter eggs decoration – fabulous modern elegance

by Kremy

Black and white Easter eggs decoration

How to make a fabulous black and white Easter eggs decoration and get away from traditional multi-colored patterns? Despite that this holiday is inevitably associated with richness of colors, there are people who would love a more elegant design. Using the two classic opposite colors you can take advantage of the original and stylish ideas and your eggs will be just as beautiful as the richly decorated ones.

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Once you have decided that you are not going to buy a coloring kit this year and turn your attention to the black and white Easter eggs decoration the question – “how to do it” is the first one that needs to be answered. There are several techniques and we shall introduce some of them in this post. By all means you will need white eggs and it is only up to you to decide whether you will blow them out first and use them for decoration or you want to have edible ones. The first and easiest is by using a marker. Even if you are not that much skilled at drawing you can find a design which is easily copied. Our tip – look at the kids printables and find a pattern there.

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Some other techniques for creative black and white Easter eggs decoration are by using various beads, stones, and even nail stickers. You may create exquisite applications and keep into the modern aesthetics. Applying chalkboard paint with a sponge is also a helpful idea and can make very original patterns. A piece of black and white silk will be perfect for achieving stylish designs. You may see the silk technique in the post describing the silk tie dyed eggs. People who are advanced in crafts can use wax but as this is a bit more complex, we shall not discuss it here. Be creative, use your imagination and do not be afraid to experiment!


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