Chalkboard paint ideas – a cool accent in the home interior

by Kremy

Chalkboard ideas home interior decoration

Chalkboard paint is inevitably connected with old school boards. If you think that the chalkboards are only suitable for schools, you are mistaken. Not any more. This paint has become a design tool and we have collected some really cool examples to show you how you could use chalkboard paint in your home. You can create a surface on which you can leave comments and pictures, and then easily wash them. The paint can be applied to surfaces of any shape and size – wood, metal, masonry, drywall, plaster, glass, concrete, cardboard, fiberboard, etc. After drying, it is odorless and safe for children.

Ideas for the kids’ room

nursery room wall decorating ideas chalkboard wall


The most grateful users of chalkboard painted walls are, of course, children! Perhaps this is not very practical, but the presence of such a wall in the house will constantly develop the creative abilities of your children and make their life a lot more fun. Moreover you will have no problem with the organization of children’s leisure time, especially when you have young guests. For greater effect the wall can be combined with a magnetic coating. You should not limit yourself to the walls. You can use chalkboard paint on the room door or on the doors of children’s closets. The most convenient place to apply the paint is a table for drawing as it is easily wiped and always ready for new creations.

 Creative kitchen ideas with chalkboard paint

Refrigerator chalkboard design ideas kitchen ideas

There are so many creative ways to use chalkboard paint in the kitchen – it is a convenient way to write your shopping list, menus for lunch, favorite recipe or leave a message for the family. If you do not want to use an entire wall, you can paint only part of the wall, column, or use a mobile board, which is also an easy DIY project. Using chalkboard paint on the fridge, you will immediately get a magnetic blackboard surface. Walls and refrigerator are just two of the options – try to use it on the cabinet doors from the outside or the inside, on a table, on the containers for storing food or flower pots.

modern living room chalkboard wall home decorating ideas

 A chalkboard wall in a modern kitchen

modern kitchen white kitchen island chalkboard wall


 Use an old picture frame in a creative way

Living room wall decoration chalkboard frame

 An excellent idea for outdoors

diy outdoor chalkboard wall garden fence

 A creative way to decorate the staircase

creative chalkboard paint staircase

 Leave your personal touch on the photo wall

cool ideas photo wall decor

 Kids would love and enjoy a chalkboard wall

chalkboard wall playroom nursery room wall decorating

 An original wall decoration for a teen room

teen bedroom wall decorating deas

wall home office decoration

DIY magnetic chalkboard easy craft ideas

playroom design ideas

playroom home wall decoration

living room wall decorating

living room cretive decorations

kitchen wall home interior

kitchen ideas spice rack frame

kitchen cabinet doors white kitchen cabinets

home decorating bedroom wall

hallway home decorating

bathroom wall decorating

bathroom design ideas

attractive idea kids bedroom wall decoration



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