Easter Egg Hunt Ideas 2023: Fun and Creative Last-Minute Ideas that Kids Will Absolutely Love!

by Anjelina

Easter is the perfect time to be with our families. And one of the children’s favorite traditions is undoubtedly the Easter egg hunt. If you’re the organizer this year, you might be keen to make this wonderful and anticipated activity for kids even more memorable and egg-citing. But how? Don’t worry, we’ve prepared some great Easter egg hunt ideas that will give you all the inspiration you need for the preparation and most importantly – the kids will absolutely love them! We will also share some tips for a successful hunt! Let’s get started!

How do you make a successful Easter egg hunt?

Organizing an Easter egg hunt is certainly fun and exciting, but keep some important things in mind, so everyone is happy in the end. Here are our tips for a successful hunt:

  1. Divide the kids into age-appropriate groups: Ways to find eggs should be age-appropriate, so if you are expecting lots of children, then make sure the degree of difficulty is different for each age group.
  2. For the youngest, choose more obvious places, while for the older ones, come up with more engaging activities to keep the attention and mind engaged.
  3. Provide enough eggs, so there are no grumpy or upset children.

Last-minute fun Easter egg hunt ideas

last minute fun and creative easter egg hunt ideas

Organizing a great Easter egg hunt that everyone will remember can be easy and fun! Even if Easter is only a few days away, you can get everything done in time and keep the kids happy! Check out our creative ideas, get inspired and choose the one you like the most to make the holiday unforgettable for everyone!

Easter egg hunt 2023: Relay race

easter egg hunt ideas fun relay race


This idea is best done outdoors and allows you to divide children into teams by age. As soon as you give the signal to start, one child from each team starts looking for an egg. Once found, they return to the rest of the team, then another child goes looking for another egg. You could prepare empty egg cartons for the children to line up the eggs they find and when they fill the carton, give them baskets of goodies!

Easter egg scavenger hunt

easter egg scavenger hunt idea find different eggs

Prepare a list of specific types of eggs each child should find, but make it different for everyone participating (e.g. – yellow egg, chocolate egg, striped egg, dotted egg, etc.). When the children are done finding the eggs on their list, they can trade them in for a gift (we leave it up to you to decide exactly what it will be because you know best what will make your children happy).

Easter egg hunt for toddlers: Attach balloons to the eggs

easter egg hunt for toddlers attach balloons to eggs

Kids really love the egg hunt tradition, but for the little ones it can be a confusing experience. Sometimes it happens that they don’t really understand what needs to be done and why, no matter how much we help them. This is where the helium balloons come to the rescue. Tie them to the eggs you have hidden in different places, so toddlers can find them more easily without difficulty. Don’t forget to reward them for their efforts!

Hunting for a special privilege

hunting for special privilege and treats

Choose an egg (or several) in which to place a small note of special privilege (such as choosing what the whole family does for the rest of the day, or staying 1 hour past closing time). In the other plastic eggs, put small treats so that the privileges are limited in number (this will boost the children’s interest and ambition more).

Fun freeze hunt

fun freeze hunt idea playing music and hunting

You can also take a very traditional approach by hiding eggs in different places and letting the children find them. To make their task a little more egg-citing and fun, you can play music while they hunt. At some point, suddenly stop it – then they should freeze where they are. If any child breaks the rule and keeps moving, they must take an egg from their basket and hide it again somewhere.

QR code egg hunt idea for teens

qr code egg hunt idea for teens and adults

Traditions must also adapt to the times in which we live. We know that teenagers love using modern technology, and sometimes it’s even hard to show them how much better real life is. That’s why we’re giving you an idea to get them involved in the annual egg hunt if you have difficulties in doing it. What you need to do is create custom QR codes using a QR code generator (there are many free sites you can use). With the help of these codes, kids will get information where the eggs are located. For this, you will need to pre-install and QR reader app on the devices they will be using.

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