Abstract Nails: Turn Your Manicure Into A Piece Of Art!

by Gabby

I’ve always liked to imagine that my nails are little panels on which my manicurist paints and creates art. Think about it, it’s actually a real art, because to create such beautiful designs on such a small surface is very hard. Today I’m going to introduce a new trend that confirms it – abstract nails. What are abstract nails? Can we adapt them for this spring/summer season? What are the best nail designs out there? Let me show you!

Abstract nails: Turn your manicure into a piece of art!

abstract nails spring manicure 2023 cobalt blue swirl

The abstract nails are the perfect way to welcome the spring/summer season. The trends recently has encouraged us to try something minimalistic as “the clean girl nails”, or “the lip gloss nails”, but you can simply say goodbye to them! This season is about experimenting with bold shades like cobalt blue, electric lime green, hot pink, etc. This way you can keep up with the good mood and be in sync with the nice sunny weather. But what are the best designs, you may ask? Abstract nails are here to remind you that bright and neon colors are the way to go!

hot pink nails for the summer 2023 abstract manicure idea


What are abstract nails?

Abstract art has the power to spark our imagination and the beauty of it is that everyone can interpret it in a different way. We are all different and see things in a very specific way. The same goes for the abstract nails – the shapes and the designs are in different forms and the focus is that the manicure should look like a true painting. Some nail experts even love to create their own signature abstract art, however it never looks the same. This is amazing, since you can guarantee yourself that you are going to be unique! Now, let me show you what are some of the best abstract nail art that you can try out in 2023!

long square nails abstract art swirl manicure ideas 2023

Abstract nails: Spring manicure 2023

abstract nails spring manicure with flowers pink

You want new spring nails in 2023? But the flower decorations are not the only thing on your mind? Don’t worry, you can mix and match different techniques, like shown on the photo. Try adding tiny flowers to your abstract nail art and I am sure you are going to love it. The pink color of the manicure is bringing this Barbiecore vibe. The hot pink and baby pink come hand in hand in this year’s trends! If you need more inspiration for your spring nail designs, check it out now!

Abstract flowers: Spring nails 2023

abstract flowers spring nails 2023 ideas cobalt blue


Abstract flowers are the decoration that you are probably going to see a lot this spring/summer season! However, if you want your nails to pop out, try this cobalt blue shade that we saw a lot on the catwalks this year. For the base color, I would suggest using something light pink or nude. Make sure it is not super shiny, so it does not overlap with the neon blue. For more inspiration, check out the April nails 2023, that will give you more ideas for your next manicure!

Noen nails ideas

neon nails ideas 2023 spring colors

If you think that neon colors have been out of fashion for a very long time, well think again! They are back in the trends chart and we are so exciting to try a fresh manicure. This particular design with different shades on each fingernail, remind me of Taylor Swift nails. Her manicure was a huge topic recently, because she decided to dedicated it to her album. Each nail represented a different song. That is so cool, right? If you want something similar, but even more trendy, try out abstract nails with neon colors!

Fire nails: Abstract manicure art

fire nails abstract manicure art ideas for the spring 2023

I know that every time we want to express our femininity and passion, we always go for the red nails. However, there are so many different designs that we should try out in 2023. These abstract nails are reminding me of a fire, honey, and cinnamon. I can say it in other words – they are pure perfection. Not only you can adapt them this spring, but if you are into golden jewelry, that manicure will match them perfectly. It is definitely super aesthetic and sexy, which can make you feel really elegant! It has that “femme fatale” vibe that sometimes we need!

Other abstract nails 2023

abstract nails dots manicure ideas for the spring

Chrome nails: Abstract art

chrome nails abstract manicure spring ideas trends 2023

Trendy abstract nail art

trendy abstract nail art ideas for spring 2023

Animal print nails: Abstract manicure ideas

animal print nails abstract manicure

Spring nail designs 2023

spring nail designs 2023 swirl manicure with flowers

Aura nails 2023

aura nails 2023 abstract manicure spring trends

Trendy pink nails for the spring

trendy pink manicure ideas 2023


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