Spring Nail Ideas 2023: Check Out What Are The Trendiest Designs to Try Out!

by Gabby

Do you feel the warmth on your cheeks already? I got some news for you! Spring is here! The days are certainly longer and we get to enjoy the sunshine more and more. This means that we are in the best mood possible because of the extra vitamin D. And what do we do to keep it up that way? Let’s run to the nail salon and give ourselves a treat by adapting a new spring nail design. Today I am here to help you with the choice! What are the best spring nail ideas 2023? What are the current trends? Grab yourself your favorite iced latte and let’s speak manicure!

spring nail ideas 2023 summer manicure trends flowers design

What are the spring nail trends for 2023?

Ah, yes! Spring is finally here and of course, we have to discuss what nail design to try out next! In nowadays, women are attracted from the manicure art that is everywhere on the internet! So, spring bring with itself a lot of light and bright colors, which gives us the feeling of new beginning and freshness. This year’s spring 2023 in the nail design world we will see a lot of shades like pink, yellow, green and blue. White nails will also be among the top picks, because of the “clean girls aesthetic”. When it comes to decorations, prepare for flowers, lots and lots of flowers! Play Miley Cyrus song and enjoy the designs I’m about to show you!

Flower nail designs

flower nail designs ideas spring manicure trends 2023


The spring-summer season is a real nail art exhibition that inspires us to play with colors! If you’re a fan of artfully done manicures that keep up with fashion, opt for floral motifs. You can make small flowers on your nails using white and some color that suits the spring mood. If you are feeling bold, you can even ask your nail artist for a manicure with neon colors. As you probably know, they were a hit among designers this year. The lime green and hot pink will be a MUST for the spring/summer 2023! For the girlies that love the classics, check out how to achieve spring French manicure with flowers decoration.

Summer nail trends 2023

swirl nails summer manicure trends 2023

If you find it difficult to settle on one color for your manicure, swirl nails will allow you to combine your favorite shades in the best way. Don’t think about the colors or exactly what shape to adapt. Play around with the gradient and this retro vibe that this design brings. You can incorporate your favorite summer colors and mix them with white, or try this technique on just a few finger nails. The picture shows that you can try out matte swirl nails. If you are wondering what is the perfect nail design for the spring/summer season, there you have it! You can also check out the marble manicure 2023, which has the same gradient effect!

Spring nail ideas 2023: April nails

april nails design ideas spring manicure trends 2023

April is the month where all the flowers are blooming and we finally get to see that pretty side of the spring. So how to do your nails in April? There is no way you can skip on the flower decorations. My suggestion is to go all out and to embrace the beautify of these motifs and do all your nails. You can include tiny gems as shown on the photo. It is subtle and very chic, and you can match this manicure with all your spring outfits!

Other spring nail ideas 2023

spring nail art 2023 ideas women manicure


Spring French manicure 2023

spring french manicure ideas summer trends 2023

Pink and red nails for the spring/summer season 2023

swirl nails spring manicure pink and red trends

Purple nail designs to adapt this spring!

purple nails ideas spring summer manicure trends 2023 flower motif decorations

Matte blue nails

matte nails spring summer nail designs manicure art

Green nails

spring nail ideas 2023 green and lime colors

Purple swirl nails

swirl manicure spring summer nails ideas 2023

Turquoise spring nails 2023 with flower decorations

blue nails manicure design ideas 2023

Cute spring/summer nail designs

interesting and cure flower nail designs manicure trends for the summer 2023


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