Spring Hair Colors 2023: Take a Look at The Latest Coloring Trends and Get Inspired to Try Something New!

by Anjelina

Spring is almost here, which makes most women want to make a change with their appearance. In most cases, it has to do with hair and, in particular, switching to a new trendy color for the season. And since trends are constantly changing, we’re here to help you find the perfect color for your hair by sharing the top spring hair colors for 2023. Get ready for lots of beauty, interesting and natural-looking solutions that hairdressers are currently offering.

Top spring hair colors 2023

woman blonde wavy hair elegant beige dress spring hair colors 2023

In 2023, attention is paid above all to well-groomed and healthy hair, regardless of its color. The purpose of coloring is to enhance the beauty and shine of your hair. Today, with professional dyes and the help of experienced colorists, you can achieve almost any color you desire. But taking care of your hair and making it look healthy remains of utmost importance. So when you’re still in the salon, ask about the right products for your hair type. Now let’s take a look at the best hair colors for the spring!

Chic rose gold hair color

chic rose gold hair color spring trends 2023


The rose gold hair color that has captivated many women over the past few years will be popular in the spring of 2023 as well. So if you’ve had the urge to try this trendy blonde shade with a slight pink undertone before, feel free to do so now. Rose gold differs from just pink in that it has strong gold components, making this range of shades more natural looking and applicable to different looks.

Cherry Cola

cherry cola spring hair colors 2023 long wavy hair

This year, with the arrival of spring, social media has been taken over by a new hair dye trend called “cherry cola”. It is a dark maroon with violet undertones that really is very reminiscent of a can of cherry cola. But actually, this coloring is not a novelty at all. Back in the 90s, it was among the most popular shades and many women chose it then. But as we know, everything new stems from something old. Another remarkable thing about the new trendy cherry color is that it is the first dark shade to become so popular among young people in many years.

Pearl blonde

pearl blonde hair color spring 2023 modern trends

Without a doubt, pearl blonde is among the fashion trends for spring 2023. This shade is generally considered cool, although there are some warm varieties as well. It is not very easy to achieve, and it actually contains four colors (white, silver, pink and blue) that blend in an amazing way and brighten up every lady’s look. The pearly blonde visually softens the facial features and emphasizes the eyes, whose color in turn often contrasts with the light color of the hair.

Dark blue-black color

trendy blue black hair color medium length straight hair side part

Brunettes who are fond of cooler shades can opt for a suitable trendy hair color like dark blue-black. The rich and deep shade will undoubtedly catch the eyes of all passers-by. It is suitable for women who feel confident and are not afraid to experiment with their appearance. Dark blue-black looks fantastic on women with darker skin tone with green or brown eyes.

Chocolate brown

long wavy chocolate brown hair spring 2023 trends

As already mentioned, in the spring of 2023 many shades that are close to natural ones will be in fashion. For example, chocolate hair tones are a very good option for ladies who want to make a change but prefer to look as natural as possible. Chocolate brown captivates with the depth, beauty and mesmerizing warmth of the undertones that overflow with soft shimmer.

Caramel balayage

caramel balyage spring hair colors 2023

The balayage technique remains at the peak of popularity in the warm season. Many celebrities as well as fashion experts recommend going for the caramel shades to achieve a stunning, soft golden hue that is especially suitable for spring. Brunettes with brown eyes and peachy skin should definitely give caramel balayage a try – it will suit them without a doubt. However, girls with very pale skin should be careful, as warm hair shades can contrast too much with the rest of their features.

Copper ombre

copper ombre on long hair color trends for spring 2023

Ombre is another extremely trendy hair color trend that has been among the most preferred for several years now. However, fashion experts suggest that in spring 2023 we opt for a more unconventional option that includes copper shades. They will perfectly complement your natural color and refresh your hair texture. They are also suitable for all skin tones. In addition, the smooth transition from natural color to soft rich copper hues creates a very romantic look that will leave no one indifferent!

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