Glossy mocha hair color 2023: The trend from Hollywood’s golden age returns with full force!

by Kristiyana

There’s just something about walking into your favourite coffee shop and ordering a cup of coffee that instantly perks you up. If you have the same fondness for coffee, you probably even admire the beautiful hues in your favourite caffeinated beverage. As it turns out, other beauty lovers are just as caffeine-obsessed, as the hair colour scene is officially richer with another coffee-inspired colour: Glossy Mocha hair color! If you’re looking to upgrade your beauty look with a trendy brunette colour, read on to find out everything you need to know about transforming your hair with a Glossy Mocha Hair Color!

What is Glossy Mocha Hair Color?


Okay, so what hair color is mocha? We know it’s a shade of brown, but there’s more to it than that. Mocha is a rich, medium to deep brown base shade that can be spiced up with highlights and lowlights to add lots of dimension. One of the reasons this brunette hair colour is so popular is that it is neutral—meaning it is neither cool nor warm. This makes it look good on just about everyone.



However, the shade can be neutral if you want it to be! You can adjust the colour and steer it towards a warm or cool mocha nuance. It’s safe to say that this shade of brown is a winner no matter what tone you choose.

What do the ladies with Glossy Mocha Hair Color represent?


Glossy Mocha Hair Color makes a grand entrance into the world of beauty. In a world of blondes and redheads, brunettes are finally standing up and making the world take notice. It is also the preferred colour of old-school brunettes from the Golden Age of Hollywood, as well as today’s Millennial beauties.


An air of mystery surrounds a woman who boasts a mocha brown hair color. Pop culture portrays blondes as vivacious and redheads as temperamental, but brunettes are mysterious, glowing, and sensual. This is even more true when the brown in question is a deep, seductive mocha. Forgo the plain brown. Go a little darker. Can’t wait to experiment with such a sweet colour? If you’re already thinking about trying the Glossy Mocha hair color at your next visit to the salon, you’ll find all the support you need right here.

Glossy Mocha Hair Color – How to choose the right shade



Glossy Mocha hair color comes in many shades. Therefore, you may need to use the colour selector to find the right shade for you.


Know your skin tone: The first thing to consider is your complexion—do you have cooler or warmer tones in your skin? Observe the veins on your wrist to use them to determine your skin undertone. What colour do you see? Green or blue? If they are blue, you probably have a cooler skin tone. However, if they are green, you are more likely to be on the warmer side of the colour spectrum. If you can see both, you tend to have neutral undertones, which means that almost all shades of mocha would suit your skin tone.


Knowing your skin tone will help you determine a hair colour that would suit you perfectly. But once you know the undertone of your skin, it is much easier to find the best Glossed Mocha hair color for you.

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What else should you consider—Here are some additional tips


  • If you want more shine in your hair, go for darker shades, as they reflect the light more.
  • For older people, go for a lighter, glossy mocha hair color that has a brightening effect.
  • Always choose shades with undertones that are opposite to your skin’s undertone.
  • If you have a warm skin tone, a cool-toned light brown hair colour will highlight your complexion.
  • For brunettes, who have a cool undertone and a medium skin tone, pick a rich, glossy mocha color.
  • If you are fair-skinned and have a warm undertone, select a bolder brunette hair colour.

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