What are the print trends 2023 that you WILL want to try out, after reading this article?

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The spring-summer 2023 fashion week ended on October 4 to make way for the fall-winter edition. In the four corners of the globe, fashion designers distilled splendid creations during these two months. And in this batch of glamorous fashion shows which will continue on February 21 in Milan, we have spotted the print trends 2023, which adorns all silhouettes and which will undoubtedly mark the months to come. How to make sure to stand out with these prints in 2023? What are the best fashion inspirations? Let’s check it out!

What print trends 2023 will be seen a lot this year?

print trends 2023 fashion clothing outfits women inspiration

This year promises to be rich in colors and patterns! And the spring-summer 2023 fashion trends are the proof! Among the fashion novelties like the naked top, the biker style, the goth look, the cargo pants, the crochet, the fringes and the artisanal denim, there is a trend that particularly stands out. We’re talking about the star print of the year. A mix between a gradient and a tie and dye, it will punctuate our summer wardrobe. Evoking the sunset, it never stops talking about itself with its soft colors, pastel as contrasting. Present since the fall of 2022 on the fashion scene, it is now on all Instagram accounts, imposing itself in the locker rooms of it-girls. So, what are you waiting for to make it your own? We tell you how to tame this explosion of colors!

The aura pattern

print trends 2023 aura pattern kendal jenner dye dress soft colors fashion


Whether you like it or not, the aura pattern is here! But what is it exactly? The new trending pattern represents a set of blurred tones evoking the light of energy that radiates from a silhouette. On sweaters, dresses, shirts and jackets, this mix of bright and tangy colors particularly stood out during Fashion Month thanks to designers like Lowe, Paul Smith and LaPointe. As a result, ready-to-wear brands were quick to follow suit. Zara, H&M and Top Shop are releasing different pieces this season showcasing the aura print. The result ? He has already cracked more than one! From stars to Instagrammers, there are many fashionistas who make us want to adopt it.

How to wear the aura pattern?

how to wear the aura pattern dress color dye print trends 2023

Contrary to what some of you may think, the easiest way to adopt the aura print is as a total look! So dare to wear a long multicolored cut-out dress and combine it with a pair of trendy women’s trainers or heeled ankle boots. Add a leather trench coat to match the color of your shoes or one of those present on your printed dress. The more shy can opt for a beige coat and boots to calm things down a bit. Of course, the aura motif can also be worn in small touches. On a blouse or a long-sleeved bodysuit, it goes wonderfully with raw jeans or a denim skirt for a 90s chic look. In short, whether you prefer the aura pattern on a dress or through your accessories, one thing is certain. No one will escape it in 2023!

What are the other print trends 2023?

2023 fashion trends print pattern dress lizzo outfit inspiration for women

As for the colors and other trendy patterns that will mark the year, we obviously find Pantone’s Viva Magenta. But that’s not all. To spruce up our spring wardrobe, we can also count on baby blue, neon, beige in all its variations, vitamin orange and shine. In addition to the aura print that will soon be on all silhouettes, the trendy 2023 animal print, the optic illusion print, hounds tooth pattern. Flowers will be the other big stars that will brighten up our outfits in the coming months. You can also check out what are the best fashion spring trends 2023, that you can adapt like a true fashion icon!

Animal print 2023

animal print dress 2023 fashion tips and style outfit ideas for women

If the aura print is essential as the flagship motif of the spring wardrobe, the animal motif has not yet said its last word. Present for a few seasons already, the leopard print will continue to catch our eye in 2023. However, it is not always easy to appropriate it without looking vulgar… or at least, that’s what everyone world says. Adopted as a total look or in small touches, the fawn pattern gives character to each look. This season, we find it on all our basics like the mid-season jacket, the trench coat, the pointed heeled boots and the small handbag. On the return of sunny days, it will embellish light and airy fabrics to energize our favorite summer pieces, including the blouse, the mid-length satin skirt and the slip dress at the top. In short, the fauve trend will conquer all fashion enthusiasts, without exception!

The optic illusion print trend

illusion print trend 2023 fashion clothing outfit inspiration for women

This year, optical illusions will also be popular. An exercise in ingenious style, the fashion sphere plays with illusions to offer us astonishing, even extraordinary pieces, which take the form of naked silhouettes. The idea? Celebrating the human body in all its forms! On skirts, dresses and tops, the optical illusion print is this artsy touch that your daily outfits need. It’s perfect for a change from the classic seasonal patterns.

Print trends 2023: Houndstooth print

Houndstooth print 2023 fashion trends outfit ideas women inspiration

After making a spectacular comeback during Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2023, the houndstooth print has taken over all our winter pieces, from coats to shoes, skirts and jackets. In 2023, the check pattern intends to remain on the fashion scene even after the end of the cold season to pimp up our spring outfits, like the oversized blazer and the mini-skirt. Easy to wear, it goes perfectly with the animal print for a successful mix & match look.

Floral patterns

floral patterns dresses fashion trends 2023 ideas outfits for women

The flower power is back this spring-summer 2023! But this time, the floral patterns will be in XXL format. So we will forget about the tiny flowers in favor of daisies, roses and giant tropical plants. But although it’s still February, nothing prevents us from investing in a few floral pieces to energize your winter wardrobe and pamper the busy days. An oversized vest, a beautiful long skirt or heeled pumps, that’s what you need to put together – an outfit that can properly welcome the sunny days. If you loved these patterns, check out how to match them with some of the jeans spring trends 2023.

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