Jeans spring trends 2023: What are the MUST-HAVES in the fashion world?

by Gabby

Denim is an essential part of most women’s wardrobes, regardless of the season. The market is constantly evolving and focusing on introducing new and innovative trends. The jeans spring trends 2023 have lost none of their diversity, with a wide range of pieces and styles, such as minimalism, relaxed fits and relaxed silhouettes. But what are the must-haves this spring? How to make sure you look like a true fashion icon? Let’s find out!

What are the jeans spring trends 2023?

jeans spring trends 2023 styles outfit inspiration

This spring is all about long and loose fitting jeans. Silhouettes fall into two categories: ankle-length and floor-length, or high-waisted and loose. The key to these trends is attention to proportion. It is all about how to style them and I will help you create the perfect outfits in 2023!

Puddle jeans: The hype for spring in 2023

puddle jeans 2023 spring trends outfit inspiration ideas


Puddle jeans are famous with their longer length. They’re easy to pair with a tank top and sneakers for everyday wear, or for a more upscale and sophisticated look with an unbuttoned shirt and pointed heels. As for the length, make sure you’re comfortable. If your jeans are too long, you might trip over, and nobody wants that. But if it’s shorter, it will not elongate the silhouette, and it will not look good. You just have to find the perfect pair.

What are the jeans spring trends 2023? Try wearing baggy jeans!

baggy jeans skater outfit inspiration tank top casual outwear

This trend came straight from the late ’90s skater kids we all secretly wanted to be, but the style is officially back and it’s even better. Based on the versatile styling ideas alone, the skater jean seems to be a great denim choice for the coming season. Flattering for all shapes and sizes, they can be paired with sneakers and a t-shirt during the day, or with heels and a small bag at night. It will look fantastic with a party top. Add a few pearls, and you instantly have a sleek and modern look.

Cargo jeans outfit inspiration

cargo jeans outfit inspiration casual trends g

Cargo jeans are one of the key trends for Spring 2023, with denim bringing a twist on the utility style. Although they’re a big change compared to the skinny jeans we all wore just a few years ago, styling the cargo pants isn’t too difficult. Similar to wide and baggy jeans, cargo jeans can be worn with cropped tops or dainty bralettes. However, we recommend going for a simpler top, as cargo pants already offer a lot of structure thanks to the many pockets.

How to create an elegant but casual look?

pleated jeans casual and elegant look outfit inspiration spring fashion trends 2023

High-waisted jeans with pleats are on everyone’s lips. With their tailored waistband, these pants leave more room to style them with slim bodysuits and bralettes. Nevertheless, the wide leg ensures a flowing silhouette that is also suitable for a night out or an important event. If you want how to style your jeans in the best way possible, check out the rest of the spring fashion trends 2023.

Two tone jeans

two tone jeans ideas to style them spring fashion trends 2023

For those looking for a less classic twist, mixed washes are a way to add variety. If you’re torn between dark and light denim, this trend lets you get the best of both washes.

Two-tone jeans are one of the most adventurous denim trends expected in spring. Jeans with a darker shade on the outside and a lighter shade of denim on the inside bring new interest to this classic shape. And a plus is that the different colors act as a contour for the legs, making them appear longer. Keep the rest of your outfit simple and let your trendy jeans stand out.

Wide-leg jeans

wide bootcut jeans outfit ideas inspiration fashion

How can you not fall in love with this 70s styled jeans? The wide-leg jeans can be worn with pretty much any shoes that you like. Whether you opt for a flat, pointed-toe shoe or sporty sneaker, your footwear is what counts for the ultimate balance of your outfit.

Barrel jeans

barrel jeans how to wear them spring fashion trends 2023

While straight-leg jeans will never go out of style, barrel jeans are a great way to highlight your silhouette. Choose the white color for spring and you will get the trendiest look. If you are a mature elegant lady who is in love with the trends as well, check out which jeans to wear over 60 to look stylish and fashionable!

What is the best denim color to wear in spring?

what is the best denim color to wear this spring 2023

While dark shades are always a safe bet when you want to look snatched, light denim colors are definitely back on the agenda when it comes to jeans trends for spring 2023.

Authentic and lightly washed jeans, as well as white and cream-colored jeans, are popular for spring. While all cuts are presented in a light wash, the silhouette that probably looks most modern in this shade is the baggy jean. Style them with a satin top, like a slim-fit tee or a tucked-in blouse.

How to look stylish with split hem jeans?

how to look stylish in split hem jeans outfit inspiration

Another trend that originated in a different fabric, the split-hem silhouette first appeared in leggings and trousers and has since made its way into jeans too. They’re a great alternative to wide-leg and bootcut jeans as they offer the same kick at the bottom, just with a slimmer fit at the top. Wear them preferably with heels so that the footwear really comes into its own. The gap in the fabric acts almost like a stage curtain, giving the spotlight from the shoes underneath.

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