Which eye contour product to use at 70? The 3 best products on the market + natural anti-aging care

by Kremy

As you probably already know, the eye area is prone to several beauty issues that appear with age. Among the first are wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness. And while anti-aging treatments targeting these phenomena begin at the age of 25, they must be perfectly mastered by the age of 70. That said, do you know which eye contour product to use at 70 and how to care for this sensitive area of the face? In the current article, I reveal the best creams to consider, along with tips for their application.

Which eye contour product to use at 70 how to take care of the eye contour area natural anti ageing

How to take care of your eye contour area?

To rejuvenate your look at 70 and hide the signs of aging around the eyes, it is important to follow a good daily routine. In addition to applying a suitable cosmetic product, also think about hydrating yourself from the inside. What does that mean exactly? It’s actually very simple. You should drink water on a daily basis, about 6-9 glasses, to provide your skin the hydration it needs. Another good trick is to add cucumbers, lemon slices, mint leaves and even ginger for a cleansing effect.

To take better care of your eye contour area at 70 and for your skin in general, following a healthy diet is essential. The main thing is to consume antioxidant-rich and anti-aging foods such as fruits, vegetables and nuts. These foods tend to regenerate cells and contribute to good skin elasticity.

Other eye contour care methods include sun protection, good quality sleep and the application of a suitable and natural mask. But before revealing some effective recipes, let’s first see which eye contour product to use at 70 years old. Let’s have a look at the top products on the cosmetics market!

what is the best cream for the eye contour 70 year olds according to dermatologists


What is the best eye cream to use at 70?

Everyone talks about face cream after 70, but no one mentions eye contour care. So I’ll take care of it! In the following paragraphs, you will discover 3 top products to effectively fight against wrinkles and lift your look. Eye cream is usually applied morning and night, but it depends on the brand. However, I recommend that you start with a gradual application in order to evaluate your skin’s response to the cream’s formula.

  • Estée Lauder eye contour: Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Concentrate is used morning and night to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and leave skin feeling firm and nourished. This effective eye contour cream is suitable for all skin types and treats crow’s feet and frown lines quite well.
  • Premier Cru La Crème Yeux global anti-ageing: Caudalie’s eye contour pampers all skin types, it is applied morning and evening (daily) and corrects the signs of aging without compromise. Composed of 97% ingredients of natural origin, this cosmetic product contributes to a younger and smoother look while reducing puffiness.
  • RETINOL CORREXION® Smoothing Cream Eye Care: Roc’s eye contour also targets puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles. According to the brand’s clinical tests, it rejuvenates this delicate area. Non-greasy, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, this cream can be used morning and evening and offers quick results.

How to apply an eye contour cream at 70?

As a general rule, the eye contour cream is applied morning and evening with a smooth and light massage without pressing too hard. This should be done from the inside of the eye contour area towards the outside to ensure that the product is properly absorbed. However, there are two different ways of application, each of which targets a particular problem: either lifting the eyes or reducing dark circles. I recommend you take a look at the video below for specific instructions:

Take into account that each eye contour cream has an individual application. Some products have a special tip and it’s important to read the instructions before applying.

How to make a homemade eye mask?

To prepare a homemade and anti-aging eye contour mask, nothing could be simpler. Cut a small potato in half. Then peel and grate one of the halves. Place in a food processor or blender and blend. Apply the resulting paste under the eyes and leave on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing gently with water.



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