Which dresses hide the belly? These cuts fit perfectly on chubby ladies!

by Anjelina

We know that not everyone can have a slim figure and a narrow waist. Fortunately, an extra pound or two can easily be hidden with the right clothes. That’s why in today’s article we’ll answer the question, “Which dresses hide the belly?”. Find out the best cuts and models that play around the problem zone and flatter the figure.

Which dresses hide the belly? These cuts will help you hide a few pounds!

which dresses hide the belly cuts that perfectle fin on chubby ladies

One dress can do what many two-piece dresses cannot: it flatters the figure and conceals the problem area – the belly. Some cuts make the waist look smaller by emphasizing another area – the shoulders, for example. Fortunately, there are numerous models that look good on chubby ladies – both for everyday wear and for special occasions. Let’s find out which dresses hide the belly!

dresses that conceal belly what cuts to choose


Dresses with an empire line, for example, which have a high waistband just below the bust area, look wonderful. The puffy sleeves make the dress look romantic and flirty. The favorable cut combined with the airy, flowing fabric make the empire-line dress a real classic among summer dresses.

Wrap dresses conceal the tummy and create a slim silhouette

wrap dresses conceal the belly and conjure up slim silhouette

Wrap dresses are considered the classics among slimmers. However, instead of going for a knee-length model, small and plump ladies should prefer a maxi dress. A V-neckline additionally diverts attention from the belly area and hips. A nice side effect: short sleeves additionally emphasize the décolleté.

Sheath dresses conjure up a flat stomach

sheath dresses conjure up a flat stomach

In the office, for a cocktail party or even for a wedding: a sheath dress can be styled differently depending on the occasion. The dress is super suitable for women with a belly. Models with a scoop neckline are particularly slimming, because they make the shoulders look broader.

sheath dress in a gray color for chubby ladies


As for the colors, in principle, dark color palette (brown, dark blue, gray or black) is advised. But light shades and even patterns can also flatter the complexion and at the same time conceal the belly.

By the way, what was considered a styling mistake for a long time – namely horizontal stripes, is no longer a no-go. Horizontal stripes on the shoulders and at the waist additionally emphasize the areas that you would like to emphasize. Above all, it is important that the stripes are as wide as possible. Narrow stripes can achieve the opposite of what you want.

horizontal stripes on dresses are no long inappropriate for chubby women

Matching partner to the sheath dress is the classic black cardigan. Also vests and even scarves can compliment the outfit. No matter what you choose: The jacket or vest should reach to the hips. Very short ones draw attention to the abdominal area.

Midi dresses with V-neck fit chubby ladies perfectly

midi dresses with V-neck fit chubby ladies perfectly

Midi dresses with a V-neck, high waist and charming print also perfectly suit chubby ladies. In combination with boots and matching jewelry, the dress looks festive, with a scarf and leather jacket – suitable for everyday wear. As for colors: if the fabric has patterns, choose a dark shade. If the fabric is in solid color, then you can choose the shade that suits you best.

Party dresses that are true slimmers

Party dresses and cuts that are true slimmers

Dresses with an A-silhouette highlight exactly what should be emphasized: namely, the beautiful shoulders, chest area and a narrow waist. A small belt just below the bust area conjures up a narrow waist and at the same time conceals the belly. Downward, the dress falls loosely. Boots and ballerinas can both be worn with an A-line dress.

Dresses for special occasions

special occasion dresses for chubby women

Whether for a wedding or other special occasion, every woman wears a long, festive dress at least once in her life. Long evening dresses with a high waistband and wide flared skirt accentuate the shoulders and décolletage. And if you want, you can of course show more skin – a beautiful V-neck is very advantageous. To the long evening dress, you traditionally wear a bolero or a scarf.

wedding anniversary special occasion dress to hide belly

Every woman knows the problem: After holidays, the scales suddenly show a few kilos more than usual. And despite sports and a healthy diet, the excess pounds remain in the form of a small belly. No need to panic, because there are enough models that can conceal the problem zone.


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