Dresses for chubby women that make you slim: These cuts, details and patterns flatter your curves!

by Anjelina

Just because you have a few extra pounds, you can’t show your legs and wear dresses in summer and winter? Of course, you can! But just as slender women have to consider the height and length of their legs when choosing the right dress, there are some rules for chubby women as well that ensure the outfit looks stylish and elegant. What are the best dresses for chubby women that make you slim? We’ve summarized what will slim you best depending on your figure!

Shirt dresses for casual everyday wear

dresses for chubby women that make you slim shirt dresses with buttons at the front

You can choose between wide and tight dresses. If the latter isn’t your cup of tea, a shirt dress is ideal! The straight cut of the dress creates a smooth transition between upper and lower part, and in the tummy area a pound or two are hidden, which makes it perfect for chubby women. There is also one small but crucial detail, namely the button fastening. This visually elongates the body.

You can also emphasize the slimmest part of your body, namely the area below the chest, with a belt. This is why shirt dresses are ideal for chubby women, because they make you look slim without feeling tight.

A-line as a slightly tighter alternative

If the shirt dress is too wide around the torso, or you don’t want to wear a belt, then choose an A-line dress. It emphasizes the chest, while the wide cut down loosely embraces and conceals the belly, legs and buttocks.

Patterned dresses for chubby women to make you slim

Dresses for chubby women that make you slim vertical stripes


It’s no longer a secret that patterns can be used to trick your figure. But as flattering as they can be, they can also have the opposite effect.

We’ve already mentioned the buttoning on dresses: patterns that are designed vertically and thus visually stretch the body are ideal if chubby women who want to look slimmer. They can be simple stripes, but also elongated floral motifs. Patterns, as you know, attract attention (after all, that is the purpose of patterns). For this reason, you can also use them to highlight your favorite body parts (or the less popular ones).

Two-tone-dress maxi plus-size women

For example, if the pattern focuses on the stomach area, you would highlight a belly rather than conceal it. Therefore, you can use this trick for your. For example, choose a dress with floral patterns on the upper part while the rest shines in solid colors.

Dark colors for chubby women

Speaking of colors: Patterns like florals are just lovely for summer, as are bold, bright colors. But it’s also a fact that darker shades tend to flatter curvier women. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can never wear yellow, white or pastel colors again.

dress with a v-neck distracting from other parts

However, you should keep this fact in mind and opt for dark colors, while you can spice up your light dress with matching accessories (for example, wear a wider belt in dark color around the waist). The dresses themselves can also have dark color fabric in the midsection.

Dresses for chubby women – Choosing the right material

cuts details and patterns flatter your curves

Airy and loose clothes are not just appropriate for summer days. Plus-size women benefit from a more casual cut and light fabric in other seasons, too, because it gently highlights their curves. Heavy fabrics have the opposite effect and are therefore less suitable.

When choosing a fabric, pay attention to the sheen as well. In general, shine, gloss and shimmer are not particularly flattering as they tend to make you look wider. Matte shades are the better choice because they will hide excess weight.

What about the dress length?

Dresses for chubby women emphasize the body with a belt

Dresses for plus-size women should be the appropriate length. To determine the ideal length, look carefully at your legs. If the dress comes to the thinnest part, you will look slimmer. This is usually the knee, so the hem of the dress should end in this area, although a midi is also appropriate if you have thinner calves.

Another point to consider when choosing a dress length is your height. Short legs combined with a long dress is not a good idea. Instead, choose shorter cuts as this will make your legs look longer, you will look taller and therefore slimmer. You can cover up the lower part of your legs with maxi dresses, but again you need to consider your height.

Drape garments for chubby women

Drapes as alternative for curvy ladies

Draping is great for emphasizing your best features. The folds of the fabric should run diagonally to visually narrow the waist. The decorative fabric folds around the bust are great for emphasizing it and concealing everything else.

loose airy dresses appropriate for chubby women

In general, emphasizing the neckline is a wonderful idea to draw the eye away from the problem areas. So your dress can have an interesting neckline: V-neck or ruffles, for example. You will get the former quite automatically with wrap dresses.

wrap dresses to emphasize the neck and bust

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