Spring 2023 Haircut Trends – Discover the hairstyles that will be super hot this season

by Kremy

Many ladies are ready to invest a lot of time and effort for their flawless appearance, image and excellent style. But if you really want a change in your appearance, whether dramatic or subtle, then you should start with a fashionable haircut. It is a fact that people always notice when we change our hair, the new color, even the slightest bangs trim. Yes, we cannot deny that our hairstyle makes a difference and most often – it makes a statement! Are you ready for a change? Let’s have a look at spring 2023 haircut trends and inspire you for your next visit to the hairdresser.

Spring 2023 haircut trends that can transform your appearance

Spring 2023 haircut trends that can transform your appearance

Fashion gurus and hairdressers have new fresh solutions for spring 2023 haircut trends. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can choose your new hairstyle to match your personality, individuality and lifestyle. Do you prefer a more romantic look? Or perhaps you are ready for a something more daring? The good news is that the season offers a lot of options for any type of hair, length and facial features. Of course, it is always a good idea to discuss the options for your new trendy haircut with your stylist and choose the best hairstyle that will make you irresistible, hide minor flaws and accent your best features.

When choosing your new style, remember that 2023 hairstyles are based on naturalness that emphasizes the natural beauty and structure of the hair. Those who follow the trends are aware that bangs are all the rage, and curtain bangs are hugely popular. Texture is another factor to keep in mind as it adds volume and vitality to your hair.

Bob variations for women of all ages

Bob variations for women of all ages


The legendary bob haircut has not lost its relevance for many years and will continue to be among the top Spring 2023 haircut trends. From short, traditional to medium length or longer variations, there is a perfect bob hairstyle fort any face shape and hair texture!

French Bob

French bob spring 2023 trends

Femininity, sophistication, elegance and charm – this is the French bob! It comes in two basic variations which differ in length and can be with or without bangs.

Asymmetrical bob

trendy hairstyles spring 2023 asymmetrical bob with bangs

The asymmetrical bob has been around for several seasons. This haircut is easily styled in different ways so that it flatters your facial features.

Textured bob with curtain bangs

textured bob with curtain bangs Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega’s textured bob with curtain bangs has become viral for the past few months.

Spring 2023 Haircut Trends: The box bob

chin length box bob Spring 2023 Haircut Trends

This chin-length bob variation is straight, without graduation and the perfect choice for ladies with thin hair.

Spring 2023 haircut trends for short hair – The Bixie

bixie haircut spring 2023 hairstyle trends

Are you ready for a radical change? You cannot decide between a stylish short bob and a classic Pixie? Then go for the Bixie haircut! This short haircut is a hybrid of a pixie and a bob, hence the name. It became popular last year and as per experts, it will remain among the top Spring 2023 haircut trends. It is multilayered and textured and you can wear it with or without bangs. The Bixie is suitable for straight or wavy mane and if you have thin hair that needs volume – this is the way to go!

“V,” “C,” and “U” cuts

Spring 2023 haircut trends V C U cut for medium length and long hair

Often referred to as “alphabet cuts”, we shall see a lot of “V,” “C,” and “U” shapes. The face framing layers of the C-cut accent on your facial features, make your hair look thicker and more voluminous.

The V-cut is perfect for medium-length and long hair. It has a lot of texture and structure and is suitable for wavy and curly hair as well.

The U-shape cut is the softer version of the V-cut and as the name suggests, the hair is cut with a more rounded line. This is a great hairstyle for thin hair and is suitable for most face shapes.

The Butterfly Haircut – a modern variation of a 70’s look

butterfly haircut 2023 spring trends

Are you a fan of retro-inspired hairstyles? We all know that everything new is well forgotten old and the trendy butterfly haircut is the perfect example of that. We have seen a wide variety of hairstyles of the past that inspire stylist to give them a new and modern twist – the shag, mullet, wolf cut, to name just a few. The butterfly haircut, with its multiple layers, creates a magnificent feathered look that resembles a butterfly wing, hence the name of this versatile hairstyle. It is the perfect choice for women who want to keep their length and yet add some bob-style layers.


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