Which boyish cut to choose according to the 2023 trends to be chic and sexy? Find 20+ ideas!

by Kristiyana

Recently, I realized that we were back in the 20s again! Frankly, these are just as crazy as the previous ones, although it’s other kinds of crazy we’re experiencing these days. Anyway, if we can draw any inspiration or repeat any phenomenon from the period between the two world wars, let’s hope for not only economic growth, but also artistic fashion trends, full of glamour and class. The fabulous Charleston dress aside, perhaps the most iconic trend of the era was the sexy, outrageous and therefore totally in short boyish cut! As it turns out, it’s still being embraced with the same success in 2023, even if the look has changed a bit. So let’s see what the right ways are to wear this fascinating short hairstyle, a century after its initial appearance!

How to wear the 2023 boyish haircut to be trendy?


Sometimes you are surprised to discover that even a very short haircut can offer multiple styling possibilities, making it very versatile and suitable for this or that hair type, style, occasion and so on. The 2023 boyish haircut is just such a cut! A short feminine haircut that has many different facets, and it is hard to decide which one is the most attractive… In any case, take a look at the top trendy possibilities in the photo gallery to follow, and you will probably find one that fits you like a glove!

The very short “boyish” variant



Did you know that when the boyish haircut first made its appearance, it was more of a short bob ending at the bottom of the ears? Nowadays, ladies are even more daring and fearlessly indulge in even shorter cuts, just like their guys. It’s bold, it’s sexy and it’s 100% hip!

It’s the perfect option to highlight your eyes and cheekbones!


The boyish pixie haircut 2023


Anyway, we have to admit that the pixie cut has become one of the most popular hairstyles for women in the last decades. You probably already know it, but if you don’t, it’s a version of the pixie cut where the hair on the sides and above the neck is very short, while the strands on top of the head are longer.

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Those beautifully spiked ends are quite playful and sexy, aren’t they?


The transition between the two hair lengths is usually done in a layered way, which gives a really delicate and light, almost fairy-like effect. This also explains the name of this beautiful style, because “pixie” means fairy. Depending on the length of the locks and the type of hair, among other things, there are dozens of beautiful ways to style this fascinating hairstyle…

Short, medium or bixie style, the pixie cut is still a top trend in 2023!


The bold 2023 women’s bowl cut


The so-called “bowl cut” is another variation of the classic tomboy hairstyle that should certainly be considered if you want to be in the mood in 2023! It’s one of the more daring options, and an experienced stylist is needed to achieve it properly. The trick to making it work? Wear it with your head up!

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The ultimate solution to add volume to your hair and revive it


The perfect boyish cut for straight hair


Fortunately, there is a good boyish cut for every type of hair structure


Bold colouring makes the trendy hairstyle look more artistic


The daring boyish cut with undercut or sidecut


Shaved sides and touches of fancy colours are totally eye-catching accents!


Feminine XS hairstyle tapered and styled forward


Shape the long locks towards the front for a pixie cut with fringes


The boyish cut to wear at 40, 50 or 60


Taking on your white hair goes perfectly with our short cut top!


So, if that’s your choice, wear your salt-and-pepper hair proudly


The very short version for wavy/curly hair


We love the off-centre parting and the curls on the side!


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