Pompadour Cut for Women: How to Adopt the Trend in Winter?

by Kristiyana

Pixie, buzz cut, short bob… Short women’s haircuts are once again shaping up to be the big hair trend for fall-winter 2023-2024! Don’t want to be like everyone else? Then, what would you say about adopting the Pompadour cut for women? This retro hairstyle with a little rebellious and rock-and-roll side is regaining its popularity in hair salons and for good reasons! Let’s see more!

What Is the Pompadour Cut?

pompadour cut for woman hair trend fall 2023 2024

Do you know what Rihanna, Pink, Laeticia Hallyday and Miley Cyrus have in common? They are all fans of the Pompadour cut for women and wore it with pride! According to Wikipedia, the trendy hairstyle is named after Madame de Pompadour, a famous mistress of Louis XV who styled her hair into a voluminous, top-combed hairstyle. Today, the haircut has many different variations for men and women, but it is most often worn with very short hair that is combed back and worn high on the open forehead. This style is very elegant, while at the same time, it offers a rock chic side, perfect for anyone looking to assert their strong personality and attract attention.

Who Can Wear This Short Hairstyle?

short cut miley cyrus blond hair trend liveabout.com

The Pompadour hairstyle is truly universal and suits everyone! However, as it is voluminous and elongates the face, if you have a round or oval face, it will suit you perfectly! For ladies with square or long faces, the cut will need to be slightly adjusted according to their features: hairstylists recommend not to create too much height, but rather making a very small, light volume just above the forehead.

Are you currently wearing a pixie cut? Then you definitely need to try the modern Pompadour cut for women by styling your hair back on the top of your head! The hairstyle is beautiful and daring and can be worn very well for special occasions, as well as every day. It’s also really easy to style and maintain!

How to Style Your Hair with the Pompadour Haircut?

hairstyle short woman trend winter 2024 wavy byrdie

This short haircut is very versatile, leaving a little extra length above the head. So the texture and way you wear your hair depends solely on your personal preferences! Hairdressers suggest using a small round brush and parting the hair into sections above the head when leaving it to dry. Also apply a volumizing mousse or another styling product.

Although the style is usually worn with straight hair for an ultra-sleek look, you can very well use a curling iron and opt for a wavy hairstyle, which will help soften your facial features. Using a teasing comb is also a great idea to create the necessary volume.

How to Wear the Pompadour Cut for Women in Winter 2023-2024?

pompadour cut for women hair trend short byrdie

There are truly countless modern versions of this haircut for women, but which one is right for you? Discover below 5 ideas on how to adopt this trendy short hairstyle and choose the one that best suits your style and personality!

Pompadour Cut for Women with Long Sides

pompadour cut for women hairstyle trend blonde hair short hairdohairstylecom

Do you want to better frame your face? In this case, opt for this modern style, but wear it with longer hair on the sides of your head! This will help highlight the beautiful features of your face and make you look elegant and classy. The hairstyle is perfect for anyone who wants to change their look and isn’t afraid to try something new and different!

Shaved Sides to Rejuvenate a Woman Over 50

haircut gray modern woman winter 2024

The Pompadour hairstyle is the ideal choice for women over 50 who wear their gray hair naturally. For a rejuvenating effect after 50, ask your hairdresser to shave the sides of your head and leave the hair longer on top. This ultra-short cut will really help show off your beautiful silver locks!

What Style to Choose for Wavy Hair?

short haircut with curls trend winter 2024 byrdie

We’re used to seeing this short hairstyle worn with straight hair, but if yours is naturally wavy or curly, it can look even better! Opting for this style will help you manage your hair much more easily and prevent unruly curls in your eyes!

How to Wear a Platinum Blonde Hairstyle?

modern women's short cut winter 2023 2024 latest hairstyles

If you’ve been wanting to dye your hair platinum blonde for a long time, combining this with a short, trendy haircut would be an even better idea! This is actually the most popular way to wear the Pompadour, and it’s a style by Pink that the star loves to wear!

The Messy Pompadour Look

trendy cut short hairstyle brown mahogany pompadour latesthairstylescom

“Messy” hairstyles are among the biggest hair trends for winter 2023-2024. And the Pompadour cut undoubtedly offers a great basis for creating such a modern look! You can combine it with very short sids to accentuate the contrast with the top and make the style even more fun. Wear with a mahogany brown or latte glaze hair color to fit in even better with the latest hair trends!

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