Blunt Cut for Women over 50: Rejuvenating Looks that You Will Definitely Want to Give a Try!

by Anjelina

A woman over 50 needs to look and feel beautiful more than ever because of the many changes she is going through. Fortunately, the fashion industry offers thousands of solutions for older ladies to achieve just that. Trends in hairstyles, for example, give women a lot of choices with which to feel younger and boost their self-esteem. In today’s article, we’ll pay special attention to just such a one – the blunt cut for women over 50. Find out what makes it so trendy and preferred in 2023!

Is a blunt cut for women over 50 a good idea? Does it rejuvenate?

blunt cut side part blonde hair celebrity lisa valerie kudrow

The blunt cut looks great on all hair lengths, and also gives incredible volume and density, not requiring constant styling. What’s more, it’s a great way to rescue dry and damaged hair. As a result, your hair will be healthier and shinier, and you’ll look at least a few years younger!

Blunt cut for women over 50: Styling ideas and looks

blunt cut for women over 50 styling ideas and looks


To convince you that a blunt cut is a great solution when you’re over 50, we’ve selected some of the best looks to draw inspiration from. We’ll also see how to style your hair to look your best!

Salt-and-pepper side part hairstyle

rejuvenating side part bob salt and pepper hair color

The side part hairstyle is suitable for ladies who want to create more volume on top. It creates an interesting look and the best part is that you can always switch sides and thus try something new. The modern salt and pepper color looks amazing with this hairstyle, and we can definitely see why it is still on trend.

Blunt cut short hair for women over 50: Gorgeous waves and long bangs

blunt cut short hair for women over 50 gorgeous waves and long curtain bangs

Blunt haircut is not only suitable for straight hair, although we must admit that it looks amazing. If you want to experiment with your style, then you can make voluminous waves with a brush and blow-dryer or with a curling iron (you’ll need one with a large barrel diameter). You could also consider long bangs, which would blend in nicely with the rest of your hair.

Shoulder-length blunt cut and bangs

shoulder length blunt cut and bangs straight hair

This look is simply a classic one, and women of all ages adore it. We must note that it has the ability to rejuvenate and highlight the best features of the face – eyes, cheekbones and chin. Straight hair definitely has an advantage over other textures.

Blunt cut bob hairstyle for women over 50: Sophisticated short blunt cut

blunt cut bob hairstyle for women over 50 sophisticated short blunt cut

Short haircuts have always been among the most preferred by women over 50 because of the ease of maintenance and the fact that they cut several years off. Try a blunt cut that comes somewhere down to your chin level, slightly curl the ends and enjoy an elegant look with a French twist.

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