What bangs to choose for a mature woman? 15 hairstyles with curtain bangs for women over 50

by Kristiyana

Did you just blow out the candles of your 50th birthday cake? Don’t you think it’s high time that you went for the big change and cut your bangs? 50 is an age when you know who you are and what you want. You feel confident in yourself and in your accomplishments, and I think that is a reason to treat yourself to a new and fabulous, trendy haircut. Wouldn’t you agree? Why not then try one of these mesmerizing youthful hairstyles with curtain bangs for women over 50 that will surely hide away a few years and make you look even more radiant. Let’s go!

Long hair with curtain bangs over 50


I can certainly confirm no one does youthful hairstyles for women over 50 better than Monica Bellucci. She has always been such a beauty inspiration of mine. If you have healthy long hair, leave your lengths and go for those curtain bangs.

Short layered cut with curtain bangs



Or maybe you want to try one of those trendy short hairstyles? Opt for a chic layered short cut and complete the look with a pair of fabulous curtain bangs. 50 never looked better!

Long layered cut with highlights and bangs


Jaclyn Smith is also a big inspiration for a lot of mature women. She might be 70, but she surely knows how to take care of her long locks and look good. If you have natural brunette hair, opt for honey and blonde highlights for a youthful look and finish it off with our favourite curtain bangs.

Blown out and curled bangs hairstyle over 50


The curtain bangs look can be super versatile. You can style it in a number of ways for a gorgeous hairstyle. Often the longer they are cut the better. To get this voluminous look, blow out your hair and curl it with a large-barrel curling iron.

Face-framing lob for women over 50



Whatever happens in the world, it seems that the trendy lob haircut isn’t going anywhere soon. And why should it? This hairstyle is perfect for any mature women, who seeks a refreshing and chic look. This lob is done with face framing layers, creating a faux curtain bangs effect.

Shaggy brown bob with curtain bangs


And how can we not mention the hot shaggy hairstyle? In 2023, shaggy here is so in. You can see many images of this look on your Instagram and TikTok. But it’s not only for 20-something girls. Women over 50 can easily pull it off and add some curtain bangs to the look.

Curtain bangs updo with face-framing highlights


Do you love wearing your long hair in a stylish updo? Why not then get a set of fabulous curtain bangs to frame your face, and highlight them in a soft lighter colour to contrast with the main body of your hair? Halle Berry seems to be successfully pulling off this look.

Curtain bangs for women over 50 with fine hair


As we get older, it is normal for our hair to thin out. In cases like these, a short or medium-length cut can take you a long way and make your hair look healthy and vibrant. Complete the youthful look with a pair of long curtain bangs.

Mid-length blonde cut with curtain bangs


The mid-length curtain bangs hairstyle would be even more eye-catching in a soft blonde colour. But if you are not naturally blonde, I would advise consulting with a hairstylist before reaching for that bleach. Bleaching your hair will damage it, which is something you don’t really want with hair over 50.

Lob with curtain bangs for women over 50


More fabulous lob hairstyles with curtain bangs? You bet! As opposed to the previous lob we looked at, this one actually has a real set of bangs, and not faux ones. The lob is a cut that any woman of any age can enjoy. Opt for highlighted tips to create an even more youthful look.

Long blonde layers with curtain bangs


For women with long blonde hair, this hairstyle would be ideal. The bangs and layers will greatly frame your face. To get the look, you will need a straightener to keep your wispy layers looking polished and in place.

Raven black shaggy hair with bangs over 50


Oh, I just adore the raven black hair colour. Got it myself this year. And a shaggy curtain bangs cut would fit right it in with it. Certainly a great look for any woman over 50.

Brown bob haircut with curtain bangs


Does anyone do it better than Sigourney Weaver? Okay, maybe just a few other amazing women. Her wavy bob haircut perfectly blends with those face-framing long curtain bangs.

Youthful curtain bangs for women over 50


A set of youthful curtain bangs will be a lot easier to maintain than any other types of bangs. Plus, they will efficiently hide some of your forehead wrinkles.

Lob with curtain bangs for older women

lob-with-curtain-bangs_short hairstyles with bangs

A lob haircut with curtain bangs will not only make you look younger after 50, but will emphasize some of your facial features. Style it with a texturing spray to keep it looking bouncy and voluminous.


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