Fashion and style at 50+: how to wear the long bob with curtain bangs to look younger?

by Kremy

The bob is a classic haircut that women of several generations wear with their heads held high and for good reason. Timeless and elegant, but also tolerating a certain amount of fantasy, it’s the ultimate choice for blondes and brunettes of all ages, as well as any girl halfway between the two. However, if this eternal classic seems somewhat ordinary, even impersonal to you, know that there are quite a few ways to spice it up. For example, adding a beautiful trendy bangs will definitely modernize it … But what type? Well, if you follow the beauty columns, you probably know that The Bangs 2022/2023 is the curtain! And no, it’s not just a girl thing! So, we take a look at the long bob with curtain bangs, with a focus on how to wear it after 50 years of age.

Is the long bob right for me?

long bob with curtain bangs blonde highlights woman 40 years old

Long before even consider curtain bangs, you are probably wondering if the long bob is for you. To be honest, probably yes, because it’s a “universal” haircut that suits all body types. On the one hand, hair that is neither too short nor too long, stopping at shoulder level, tends to elongate a round or square face while softening the overly pronounced mandible. On the other hand, when the long bob is slightly wavy, it adds side volume to the elongated oval face. But what about the long bob with curtain bangs?

What face does curtain bangs work for?

trendy hairstyles with bangs for women over 40 50


The good news is that curtain bangs are just as forgiving as the XL bob, or almost. Having an A silhouette, the curtain bangs is very useful when you want to elongate, but also refine a round face or a square face. If your face is more rectangular, leave the sides of the bangs longer and cut the center short to achieve the same effect! As usual, ladies with oval or heart-shaped faces can afford everything, including a long bob with curtain bangs.

What factors to consider at 50+?

long bob with curtain bangs for women 50 years old brunette before after photos

Yes, age is just a number and it’s all about charisma, but we have to be honest and admit that some things become less and less appropriate with the passing years. So, is the long bob with curtain bangs one of the hairstyles to avoid after 50 or 60? Fortunately, no… as long as you observe a few precautions dictated by subjective factors.

Around the age of fifty, significant hormonal changes occur that can announce, accompany or follow menopause. Of course, it is a completely natural phenomenon, but that does not mean that all of its effects are pleasant. From a hair point of view, feeling your scalp dry, losing more hair than usual and complaining about fine, brittle hair that is difficult to tidy are quite common inconveniences. So what can you do?

The first good thing to do is to choose a hairstyle that does not require too aggressive intervention to preserve its good appearance. This includes excessive heat treatment, but also excessive washing with cosmetics, frequent dyeing, etc. The other step towards looking healthy and chic is to choose the long bob with curtain bangs that will best suit our own hair type.

Which bob hairstyle for which type of hair?

wavy bob with curtain bangs for women 40 years 50 years

For example, if you have thin and relatively sparse hair, a slightly tapered medium length bob will be more suitable than a long bob with curtain bangs. The reason for this is that longer lengths tend to look flatter and thin hair already lacks volume. Either way, if you want to keep the length at the shoulders, the long wavy bob can add aesthetic movement and save the day.

In case your hair is thick, a layered haircut is a very good solution. Finish it with some nice waves that will give your hairstyle more texture and you’re done. Check out the rest of the ideas in our gallery and discover plenty of great styling and coloring ideas for any hair type and face shape. You will probably find yours there!

How to wear the long bob with curtain bangs after 50

long bob with curtain bangs women 40 years old rejuvenating trendy haircut

Ladies with curly hair can also enjoy this trendy hairstyle!

long bob with curtain bangs for women 50 years old wavy curly hair

Instant rejuvenating effect thanks to the long bob with long curtain bangs

how to wear bob with curtain bangs for 50 year old women before after photos

Add more volume to thin hair with layers

long bob with long curtain bangs women 40 years 50 years blonde hair

A playful coloring will highlight the waves of the layered bob

long bob with curtain bangs women 50 years old fine hair pink highlights

If you have fine, white hair, choose the medium length layered bob with curtain bangs

medium length bob with curtain bangs for women over 60 before after photos

Healthy, dense hair can enjoy a beautiful balayage emphasizing the waves

elegant hairstyles for women at 50 bob with bangs

How to handle your gray hair with a long bob with curtain bangs

what hairstyle for women 50 years old to look younger

At 50, 60 or 70, confidence and humor are the best possible accessories!

how to wear long bob with curtain bangs for women 60 70 years old ideas

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