Signs your plants are TOO COLD: How to prevent them from freezing?

by Gabby

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to be more observant when it comes to my plants. It’s winter and the weather is cold, which makes us think it’s normal for our plants to not look like they normally do. But in fact, it’s a sign that they are freezing and not feeling well. What are the signs your plants are too cold? Today I’m going to show you how to tell the difference and prevent them from freezing.

Signs your plants are too cold: How to prevent them from freezing?

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When it comes to plants, whether outdoor or those we put in our homes, temperature always plays a super important role in growing them. Before you decide to grow a plant you need to get to know its characteristics and understand what it will need and whether you have those conditions. It is now winter time, and it is normal that some plants are cold. But how do you find this out? What are the signs to look out for? Let’s not waste any more time and find out now!

Leaf curling

leaf curl what does it mean how to prevent it plants are cold


If you notice that the leaves of your plants are starting to curl up, this is definitely a sign that they are cold. It’s the same with humans when we’re cold we want to snuggle up somehow to feel warm. Nature is really fascinating in the way it shows us how to take care of it. If your plant is outside, just tuck it inside somewhere, so it’s not in too warm a place. Watch the leaves for a few days to see if they will open up.

Brown leaves that start to fall down

brown leaves how to prevent it signs that your plant is cold during winter fix it

It is never a good sign that the leaves of your plants are turning brown and starting to fall off. If your plant is in your home, just move it somewhere warmer in the room where the temperature is pleasant. If this plant doesn’t normally like light, put it in a corner where there is warmth but not direct sunlight. Again, I would advise you to keep an eye on it over the next few days. If it doesn’t fix try another place, try to save it. It’s never too late for your plant! The yellow color on the leaves should also tell you that the plant is not feeling well, and the cause during these winter days is probably the cold. Be careful with this shade too and don’t ignore it.

Signs your plants are too cold: Black spots

black spots on plants indoor how to prevent it is the plant sick signs that it is cold

If you see spots like this on the leaves of your plants, they are probably freezing. These spots start out brown and often turn black, mimicking something like a frostbite. They are not to be ignored at all and you should be very careful. The reason for them is typically that the plant is standing next to a window in a place where the weather is very, very cold. Move the plant immediately and again observe its foliage for a few days. Do not move it from cold to too warm to avoid causing shock.

How to treat the cold shock of the plant?

It is important to focus on repairing what has been done and if there is any damage to your plant try to remove it to save it. First, you should water it if you think it needs it. Usually cold weather causes anomalies in the plant’s water intake, so it’s a good idea to check its soil. Do not fertilize the plant as you can stress it causing growth. Do not prune away the damages areas of the plant. Give it time to recover on its own. If you start to prune the areas, you will for sure cause stress on the plant which will do serious damage.

plants in cold schock how to treat it recovery easy ways at home save it now

Sings your plants are too cold: Other ideas to fix that

fixing your plant when its too cold signs how to know replant it cut the roots easy at home

What else can you do to save your plants from the cold? If possible and they are in pots, as I said, move them somewhere warmer and avoid sudden temperature changes. Grouping the plants can help a lot. Harvest all the potted perennial plants and place them somewhere together. That way they will insulate each other from the cold and will help to heal. You can trim the dead roots and try to repot them. Use fresh potting soil and water very carefully and gently. If required, give them some direct sunlight to warm them up or use plant lamps if possible. If you are putting them near a window, make sure the leaves does not touch it. This can cause freezing as well, even they are exposed to a direct sunlight.

How to protect your garden plants?

how to protect your garden plants from the cold weather tips and tricks

But how do you take care of plants that are in the garden and obviously cannot be moved home? For starters, cover them before dark with frost cloth. This is the only thing that will protect them from possible freezing. You have to understand that there are plants like tomatoes, for example, that you can’t protect from cold weather. The only thing you can do is dig them up and move them somewhere warmer like a garage for example. When the cold weather has passed, you can replant them in the garden again. Check out more tips on how to protect your plants from the frost.

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