How to reuse glass pieces? 7 DIY crafts for easy and cool things to do with broken glass

by Kristiyana

When it comes to broken glass, many people immediately think of a hazard and a potential source of danger. But with some creativity and caution, you can actually make some really cool things with broken glass. Whether you’re looking for a way to spruce up your home decor or just have some fun with a craft project, there are plenty of original ideas on things to make with broken glass. Plus, you will get new decorations, that are not only beautiful, but upcycled and free of charge! Check out now these 7 DIY crafts for easy and cool things to do with broken glass for your home and garden!

Stunning broken glass sun catcher

broken glass suncatcher_diy suncather

Instead of throwing out your broken glass, why not make a stunning sun catcher with it? This decoration will be a great addition to any bedroom or living room. All you need to do is grab some broken glass pieces, glue, a frame, and some paint. You can arrange the pieces of glass in whatever design you like, then glue it all together. Just be careful not to cut yourself. Once it’s dry, paint your craft in any colour/s you like to give it a unique look. Hang it up in a window and let the sun shine through. Enjoy your beautiful broken glass sun catcher!

Mosaic glass artwork home decoration

broken glass mosaic_diy mosaic


Why not spice things up in your home by decorating it with some DIY broken glass mosaic artwork? You can use the glass pieces to create mosaics of anything from nature scenes to abstract designs. All you need is some grout, a base to put the glass pieces onto, and the glass pieces. Arrange the pieces to create the design you want, then fill the gaps with grout. Once the grout is dry, you’ll have an outstanding piece of art. This kind of artwork would look great behind your washbasin!

Mesmerizing broken glass jewellery

glass jewellry_diy glass jewelry

And what about making mesmerizing jewellery pieces with the broken glass in your home? If you want to smooth the edges of the glass for your jewellery, use sandpaper or a sanding bit and power tool to do so.  Make holes in the glass with a drill and then thread a chain or string through it to make a necklace, or a bracelet. You can also glue different glass pieces together to make pendants or colourful DIY earrings. Now you have upcycled and completely unique jewellery!

Decorations for vases and candleholders

diy mosaic candle holder_diy mosaic decorations

Another cool thing you can do with broken glass is to use it for decoration of candleholders and vases. You simply have to glue the pieces of glass to the vase or candleholder. Arrange them in shapes of flowers, hearts, and what ever else that suites your personal style. You can place the candleholders either indoors or outdoors, it’s your choice! I bet they would look great on your balcony table.

Make a DIY crushed glass terrarium

crushed glass terrarium_cool things to do with broken glass

What are your thoughts on creating a completely original terrarium decoration with crushed glass pieces? For this craft, you will need a container, soil, pieces of broken glass and any other plants and terrarium decorations of your choosing. Start by filling the container with the soil. You can also include colourful sand to give it more vibe. Add the crushed glass pieces. Arrange your plants and decorations in your DIY terrarium. Isn’t it lovely?!

Fascinating broken glass wind chime

glass wind chime_broken glass wind chime

Broken glass wind chimes are a super trendy home and outdoor decoration! How can you resist not making one for yourself? All you will require for this DIY craft is some string, beads, the pieces of broken glass and something to hold your wind chime. To attach the glass pieces to the string, you can either make a hole in them, or simply tie them with the string. Arrange the glass pieces in whatever design you like, then thread them and the beads onto the string. You can paint the glass pieces to add more colour to your craft. Hang it up and enjoy the tinkling sound of the wind chimes.

Colourful glass garden stepping stones

broken glass stepping stones_stepping stones diy

And why not make a lovely and colourful DIY decoration for your garden with broken glass? Stepping stones are a great way to add some interest to your garden. For this craft, all you will need is some cement, the pieces of broken glass, and a mould. Mix up the cement and arrange the pieces of glass any way you like. Pour the mixture into the mould. Let it dry, and you’ve got yourself a mesmerizing stepping stone for your garden!

These are just a few ideas for cool things to do with broken glass. With a little creativity, you can turn broken glass into something beautiful and unique. So the next time you have some glass pieces lying around, don’t just throw it away. Instead, get creative and see what original creations you can make with it. Have fun with your crafts!


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