Latte Glaze Hair Color 2023: How All Brunettes Will Be Dyeing Their Hair This Autumn

by Kristiyana

When summer comes to an end, one of the first things you do when you get back from a holiday is to go to the hairdresser! Whether it’s to change your hair completely or just for a refresh, September is the perfect time to visit the salon. Have you just opted for hair botox or a keratin-based treatment to revive your hair? But what about your hair color? Which one should you opt for this autumn to brighten up your lengths? With millions and millions of dollars spent on marketing, it’s hard, if not impossible, to ignore the hottest color of the moment: Barbie blonde. But are you looking for a more natural look for your brunette hair? We’ve got you covered with the latte glaze hair color!

What Is the Latte Glaze Hair Color?

hair trends woman's hair autumn 2023 latte glaze hair color

Barbie blonde, cocoa blonde, honey blonde, mushroom blonde hair, ash blonde or even Venetian blonde… although the majority of trendy hair colours are aimed more towards lighter hair, this new hair trend promises to delight all brunettes this autumn. Elegant, classy and distinct – that’s how brunettes are often described, and with good reason. Brown hair has the advantage of adding character to any trendy look, as long as you choose the right shade! And that’s where the latte glaze hair color comes in. It’s a coloring technique designed to enhance the natural color of brunettes. Unlike honey blonde or powder pink balayage, the latte glaze hair color aims to give you a natural look with no harsh contrasts. It blends warm brown tones with gourmet caramel highlights to illuminate your lengths and give them a look reminiscent of the sweetness of an iced latte. In short, this is undoubtedly the color we’ll be seeing on all brunettes this autumn-winter 2023!

Who Is the Latte Glaze Hair Color For?

hair color trend brown latte glaze hair woman long hair autumn 2023


With brunettes in the spotlight, this gourmet color works wonderfully with natural brunette hair, giving it a boost without going overboard. Basically, the best thing about the latte glaze hair color is that it aims to enhance the natural color of damaged hair by adding a few luscious highlights. The perfect choice for coming out of summer and welcoming the new season with a luminous, glamorous hairstyle! Seen on Instagram under the hashtags #glazedhair and #espensiveglazedhair, brunettes’ favorite new hair trend is actually derived from rose brown hair, which relies more on chocolate tones. Both have the advantage of adapting to every darker hair color and bringing it back to life. They flatter all shades of brunette hair, from the darkest to the lightest. The same goes for all skin tones.

How Do You Maintain the Latte Glaze Hair Color?

care maintenance color latte glaze hair color brown woman trend autumn 2023

With its luscious highlights, brown latte glaze has the power to visually revitalize tired hair, but also to rejuvenate the face. When done properly, it softens facial features and enhances every skin tone. Added to this is the fact that it is easy to maintain. As a color that doesn’t leave any harsh marks, latte glaze means less frequent visits to the colorist. That being said, it’s a safe bet that it will be the most popular hair color trend for autumn 2023 in any salon. Even blondes have no reason to say not to it! To show off your new hair color, there’s nothing like the feathered cut or the Bardot haircut!

Latte glaze hair color on dark brown hair

hairc color trends brunette woman autumn 2023 latte glaze hair color

Latte glaze hair color on light brown hair

bardot cut with fringe brachel cut brown hair woman coloring trend 2023 latte glaze

Latte glazed hair to add depth to dark brown hair

trendy brown hair women late glaze hair color autumn 2023

To add volume to straight brown hair, there’s nothing like the latte glaze hair color

hair color trends 2023 woman brown hair color latte glaze

Brachel cut enhanced by the latte glaze hair color

trend cut woman brown hair trend color latte glaze 2023 autumn

Latte glazed hair to energize a straight brown bob haircut

women's haircut short hair brown trend hair color latte glaze 2023


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