17 Unique Mushroom Blonde Hair Colours for Your New Summer Look

by Kristiyana

Summer is almost here, and I bet most of you girls are already thinking about getting a new and fresh hairstyle to start the best season of the year with a bang. I’m right, aren’t I? Hmm, but which trendy haircut or colour should you get this summer? Maybe a short bob with cute baby bangs, or some sun-kissed highlights for your long hair? Actually, I think the best choice for this occasion would be to go for the stylish and low-maintenance mushroom blonde hair colour. What is the mushroom blonde hair colour, you ask? Keep on reading to find out about this trendy 2023 hair dye and discover 17 inspiring looks for your new summery hairstyle.

What Is the Mushroom Blonde Hair Colour?

balayage hair colours 2023

The mushroom blonde hair colour gets its name due to the resemblance it bears with the fungi itself. Trust me, it looks better than it sounds. This type of blonde is not as warm as the popular champagne blonde hair colour, but is more of a cool-toned bronde (blonde and brown) hue. It is similar to ash blonde hair, as a mushroom blonde hairstyle is often created by mixing ash brown and ash blonde tones.

How Do You Get Mushroom Blonde?

So, how do you ask your stylist for the mushroom blonde hair colour? In the case that you already have natural brunette hair, tell your hair colourist to blend in seamlessly your brown strands with icy blonde tones. To achieve the blonde colour, parts of your hair will need to be bleached. For women who have naturally blonde hair, add sandy blonde lowlights to achieve a mushroom blonde hair colour.

Mushroom Blonde Hair Colour Ideas 2023

soft mushroom blonde with dark roots


Already convinced to try this trendy shade of blonde for summer 2023? Great, then let’s draw some inspiration from these stunning mushroom blonde looks! This one right here features a stunning hairstyle composed of dark roots and a soft balance between warm and cool blonde tones. The colour can suit any skin tone. In order to preserve its vibrancy, use a deep purple shampoo once a week to prevent your bleached strands from turning yellow.

Summery Sun-kissed Mushroom Blonde Hair

sun kissed mushroom blonde hair color0

Wondering which trendy highlights for blonde hair to try out this summer? Why not opt for the sun-kissed mushroom blonde hair colour with some lowlights? The combination of these two colouring techniques will add dimension and contrast to your hair. They create a cool-toned colour, which will be easy to maintain in spite of the constant washing that your hair goes through during the summer.

Dark Hair with Mushroom Blonde Highlights

subtle mushroom blonde highlights

If you want to slightly spice up your natural dark hair with a balayage or highlights for the summer, then I think you will like these subtle mushroom blonde highlights on a dark brunette base. A touch of ashy highlights will create a lived-in look, that is easy to maintain and gives you a natural glamorous hairstyle.

Stunning Straight Mushroom Blonde Hair

natural mushroom blonde hair

Naturally straight hair, especially when blonde, can often look brittle and unhealthy if not taken care of properly. To bring some life back to your bleached or natural blonde strands, opt for a mushroom blonde colour which will be easier to maintain as opposed to platinum blonde hair. Deep condition at least once a week to keep your hair looking shiny and soft.

Mushroom Blonde Colour for Curly Hair

mushroom blonde on curly hair

Did I also mention that this trendy blonde tone also looks amazing or girls with curly manes? As a woman with naturally curly hair, I know the feeling that you get when you want to try a new haircut or colour but not sure if it would sit well on your curly hair. Our hair texture is prone to friziness, hence any heavy bleaching can result in it looking lifeless and brittle. However, as the mushroom blonde hair colour involves a simpler bleaching process, you won’t need to go to the hair salon every 6–8 weeks! Awesome, right?

Mushroom Blonde Babylights for the Summer

mushroom blonde dye with babylights

Or maybe you want to try these mushroom blonde babylights for summer 2023? Leave your darker roots as they are if you have such, and opt for deep mushroom blonde babylights that will add contrast and dimension to your hair. This colouring technique offers you the opportunity of a soft grow-out process for your hair and a gorgeous low-maintenance hairstyle.

Mushroom Blonde with Platinum Highlights

platinum highlights for mushroom blonde hair

Not ready to give up on trying the timeless platinum highlights look? Well, you don’t need to, just mix them in with a lovely mushroom blonde hair colour! The neutral hues in your new hairstyle will complement your cool skin tone. Style your hair in soft beachy waves to highlight your new beautiful hair colour even more.

 More Mushroom Blonde Hair Colour Ideas 2023

faded mushroom blonde hair

Long & wavy mushroom blonde hair with money piece

mushroom blonde hair with money piece

Short haircut with mushroom blonde colour

mushroom blonde hair colour on short hair

Dimensional mushroom blonde hair colour

dimensional mushroom blonde hair color

Black hair with melting mushroom blonde highlights

mushroom blonde highlights on dark hair

Luscious mushroom blonde balayage highlights

mushroom blonde balayage

The mushroom brown hair colour for brunettes

mushroom brown hair

Natural-looking mushroom blonde hair

mushroom blonde hair

Multidimensional lived-in ash blonde balayage

mushroom ash blonde balayage

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