Which blonde to choose in 2023? 15 looks that give the spotlight to the champagne blonde hair colour

by Kristiyana

Looking for a change of hair colour before the return of the summer months? Flaming red, chocolate brown, caramel, carbon black… the trendy 2023 hair colours promise to give your hair a twist and rejuvenate your face. But what’s new in the blonde dye department? Are you hesitating between a champagne, golden, or platinum blonde hair colour? What if we told you that champagne beige is set to be the most flattering colour of 2023. In fact, the girls in the limelight have already succumbed to it, and with good reason! But is champagne blonde for everyone? How do you adopt it? How to maintain it so that it doesn’t turn out yellow? Deavita.net takes a look at the most desirable hair trend of the moment.

What kind of blonde colour is best to look younger?


In most cases, blonde hair ends up looking dull or, worse still, yellow. To rejuvenate the face and refresh the hair, don’t choose just any blonde. After the age of 50, California blonde and platinum blonde should be avoided at all costs, while beige blonde rejuvenates the face by giving it an immediate glow. In this vein, the champagne blonde hair colour (also known as champagne beige) is the most flattering and universal hair trend of the moment. With its mix of cool and warm tones, this blonde colour is perfect for all skin tones and brightens up all hair types. So it’s hard not to fall for it in 2023 to look your best and 10 years younger.

What is the champagne blonde hair colour?



We thought it would be more timid and discreet for the current year, but champagne beige has not yet said its last word, sitting at the top of the 2023 colour trends. Seen on the catwalks during Fashion Week, the champagne blonde hair colour will be THE leading colour of the year… and we can understand why! A soft and feminine colour, its highlights oscillate between ashy and golden tones to sublimate the colour of your hair, your skin, but also your eyes. So, are you daring to try it this year? Whether it’s to rejuvenate yourself, to camouflage the first grey hairs or simply to warm them up, champagne blonde is the blonde to adopt with your eyes closed in 2023.

Who is the champagne blonde hair colour for?


Far from platinum and ash blonde, it has the major advantage of sublimating all skin tones and all hair types thanks to its golden and cold reflections. From the fairest to the darkest, including women aged 50 and over, everyone can fall for it! However, beige blonde is particularly suitable for light and fair skin tones, giving them an instant youthful look. And while it’s suitable for winter, with its cool, golden tones, it’s an ideal choice for spring as well. So, after all the drinks and desserts that are currently inspiring colourists, such as mocha melt, blond tiramisu, coffee blond or even caramel, it’s now the turn of the colour of the bubbly drink to make you look younger (and not only)!

How to adopt the beige champagne hair colour?


As already mentioned, the star colour of the year has its origins in the famous bubbly drink. With its golden tones, champagne blonde warms up both the face and the hair. However, if you want to adopt it, you can’t rely on home-made colouring kits. The ideal is to have it done by a professional colourist. And to make sure you don’t get it wrong, it’s best to go with one of our photos so that your hairdresser knows the exact shade of champagne blonde you want. Finally, to wear champagne blonde in style, adopt a balayage or ombré hair version. Full colouring is reserved for women over 50 who are looking for a trendy way to deal with their grey and white hair.

Champagne blonde: Care and maintenance


Like other types of blonde, champagne blonde also requires regular and appropriate maintenance (both in the salon and at home) to avoid yellowing. At home, pamper your lengths with moisturizing and nourishing treatments: homemade repair masks, oils, balms, hair creams, etc. Curly and wavy girls should opt for leave-in products that moisturize curls without weighing them down. Then, once a week, use a dejaunizing shampoo with purple pigments. The rest of the time, use gentle, sulfate-free products that repair and boost the colour in coloured hair. Every 4 to 6 weeks, visit the salon to revitalize and deepen your hair colour.

What about Pink Champagne Hair?


Another 2023 hair colour trend inspired by our favourite alcoholic drink, Pink Champagne Hair, promises to make you look great this summer. So if you’re in need of an original summer colour that will make you look your best on a holiday, you have found it! Unlike its big brother, pink champagne blonde blends pink and golden highlights to energize your hair and soften your facial features. And just like beige blonde, pink blonde has the advantage of blending with all skin tones and hair types. Straight or curly, short or long, fair or dark, you can’t go wrong with pink champagne hair.

Gallery: The best champagne blonde haircuts seen on the web


Champagne blonde sweep over dark hair


Pammy Updo to show off your new champagne blonde hair colour


The champagne blonde colour on curly hair


A bespoke colour that’s halfway between champagne blonde and pink


Champagne blonde hair with curtain bangs


What colour should be used to enhance a wavy bob? Go for champagne beige!


Champagne blonde highlights or balayage: Which look is right for you?


Champagne blonde ombré hair


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