Hair colors spring 2023: TOP 7 hairstyle trends that we will see everywhere in the coming months!

by Kremy

We don’t know about you, but we love starting each new season with a new and fresh look. With spring right around the corner, we get the urge to shake things up a bit. It’s finally time to follow this impulse and refresh our looks with a new and trendy hair color! It is very important for us at Deavita to keep our readers up to date on fashion and hairstyle trends. Take a look into the future with us and find out here which the trending hair colors in spring 2023 are. Whether bright copper, cute Barbie Blonde or Glossy Black Hair – there is something for every taste and style! So let’s go – read on and call the hair salon today!

Hair colors spring 2023: bright copper as a hairstyle trend

Hair color spring 2023 bright copper hair trend

While a fiery red was all the rage last year, spring hair colors 2023 are a little softer and subtler. If there’s one shade we’re going to see everywhere in the coming months, it’s definitely Bright Copper. We probably all know that copper is always among the biggest hairstyle trends in every shade and variation imaginable. However, Bright Copper is a wonderfully bright copper red that immediately catches the eye.

Copper Bob Hairstyle Trend Short Hairstyles hair colors spring 2023


Especially in bright light, Bright Copper is a real eye-catcher and literally makes our hair shine. The shade is ideal for getting out of the dark and gloomy winter and the soft peachy nuances create a dreamy look. And the best? With the huge range of colors, the trendy hair color can be wonderfully adapted to every skin type! However, we have to warn you – in order to keep Bright Copper beautiful, you need to take good care of your hair and have it recolored every 4 to 5 weeks. Pretty time-consuming, we know – but it’s definitely worth it!

Tiger Blonde is THE trend color for 2023

Tiger Blonde Hair Color Spring 2023 Hairstyle Trends Spring Summer

Blondes will have a lot of fun this year, too, because Tiger Blonde is celebrated as one of the most beautiful hair colors in spring. This is a mixture of warm blonde tones and bright copper nuances, which creates a multidimensional look. The shade is actually a bit reminiscent of the fur color of a tiger – hence the name. The gentle interplay between golden and copper shades gives our hair a wonderfully refreshing and lively touch. Tiger Blonde as a hairstyle trend is also the perfect choice for anyone who loves their blonde mane but still wants a little change.

Gray blonde remains trendy

Hair Colors Spring 2023 trends blonde hair with gray highlights

Gray hair has been one of the biggest hairstyle trends for years, and that won’t change in the coming months. Cool blonde spiced up with noble shades of gray is one of the most beautiful hair colors in spring 2023 and we can’t get enough of it. The cool shade creates an “ice princess” look and is a great eye-catcher in the warmer spring and summer months.

Ice blonde hair hairstyle trends hair colors spring 2023

The fine silver sheen lets our hair shine in a completely new and exciting light and the hair color definitely catches the eye. However, the right hair care is also essential for grey-blonde. To avoid a yellow tint and to make sure that the cool gray shades are shown to their best advantage, use a silver shampoo regularly.

Hair colors spring 2023: Barbie Blonde is en vogue

Barbie blonde hairstyles trend blonde hair colors spring 2023

Gone are the days when we spent hours playing with our Barbies, but this year we’re taking inspiration from our favorite doll. With Greta Gerwig’s Barbie hitting our screens in July, coming to our screens in July, Barbie Blonde will undoubtedly be one of the most sought-after hair colors in Spring 2023. This is a warmer platinum to pearl blonde that is worn without visible roots and any highlights. And if you want to do it like actress Margot Robbie, you can complement the trendy Barbie Blonde color with soft shades of beige. This makes the hair color look a little softer and the matte finish just looks super cool.

Gemini hair for a happy look

Hair color spring 2023 trend Gemini hair what is it

Do you love experimenting with your hair and are you not afraid of radical changes? Then we have the perfect look for you! Fun, bold and a real eye-catcher, Gemini Hair is the new favorite of all fashion girls and is undoubtedly one of the coolest hair colors for spring 2023. This hairstyle trend is all about mixing different, contrasting shades to achieve a multidimensional look. Black and blond, pink and purple or green and yellow – anything you like is allowed! So don’t be afraid to experiment with different color combinations.

Hair color spring 2023 black hair with pink highlights

Do you think Gemini Hair is great, but would you rather approach the hairstyle trend a little more slowly? Then start slow and opt for block highlights. It’s a slightly softer version of the trend hairstyle, but looks just as chic and cool. The rule here is – the subtler the highlights, the better. Here, too, you have a wide variety of color combinations to choose from. But no matter whether as block strands or two hair colors – Gemini Hair is just fun!

Strong shades of brown

dark brown hair in trend hair colors spring 2023

Did you think we forgot all the brunettes among you? We’re wearing our brown hair so dark this year that it almost looks like black. Bold, very dark browns are right on trend and have earned a permanent place on our list of the most beautiful hair colors for spring 2023. The rich chocolate brown looks super natural and really comes into its own in sunlight. To keep the hair color nice and dark, we recommend using a tinted conditioner once a week.

Glossy Black Hair as one of the trendiest hair colors in spring 2023

Hair colors Spring 2023 what hair colors for thin hair Glossy Black Hair

Deep black hair à la Snow White? Yes, please! Glossy black hair is undoubtedly one of the darkest and at the same time classiest hair colors for spring 2023. The deep shade gets a shimmering upgrade for the coming season and comes with a bluish, cool tint. The fairytale Snow White look is a timeless classic, and black hair always looks particularly classy and elegant. However, matte hair can quickly look brittle and lifeless. After all, we don’t want that, do we? To show off the glossy finish to its best advantage, integrate shine sprays or shine shampoos into your hair care routine.

Glossy Black Hair Trend Hair colors Spring 2023

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