What sneakers for women over 50? These shoes for older ladies are on trend and perfect for a fashionable look!

by Anjelina

The times when we only wore sneakers only for sports are fortunately long gone. They have been an integral part of the fashion world for years, and every woman has at least 2 pairs in her shoe cabinet. After all, a pair of sneakers is the perfect companion for everyday life and can be wonderfully combined with almost everything. No matter your age, you just can’t have too many shoes, right? Okay, but what sneakers for women over 50? What should you look for when buying? You’ll find the answers in a moment in our article! To help you stay on trend as you age, we’ve rounded up the prettiest sneakers for older women that are hot this year. So read on and get ready for a little shopping tour!

What sneakers for women over 50? – How to find the perfect shoes for you?

what sneakers for women over 50 white sneakers

Once we reach a certain age, we are done with all the trends that constantly come and go. We have perfected our own style over the years and know exactly what suits and pleases us. So when it comes to 50+ sneakers, we tend to focus on timelessness, durability and quality. We’ve all had the experience of wearing uncomfortable shoes that we can’t even stand for an hour.

what sneakers for women over 50 comfortable shoes


Do you need something comfortable for longer walks? To prevent aching and swollen feet, choose sneakers made of breathable and lightweight materials. The sneakers should also provide enough space for instep as well as ample freedom of movement. If you pay attention to all these factors, the selection of the right sneakers will be extremely easy.

What sneakers 50+ are in this year?

what sneakers to choose after 50 trends 2023

Chunky sneakers, retro, sock sneakers, etc. – those who want to invest in trendy 50+ sneakers this year have many choices. The sneaker trends in spring 2023 seem to be more versatile than they have been for a long time and are always a great eye-catcher. As we already mentioned, you should make sure that your shoes are comfortable and that you like them. What sneakers you choose is actually purely a matter of taste. After all, every woman can and should wear what she wants! So consider our article only as a guide and pure inspiration!

Platform sneakers

platform sneakers chunky white and beige sneakers

Either you hate them or you love them – sneakers with a thick and eye-catching platform. The sneakers are also still known as chunky sneakers and have had a permanent place in our closets and hearts for years. The chunky shoes are characterized by a distinctive and thicker sole as well as details like colorful shoestrings. Platform sneakers are not only a great eye-catcher, but also feel wonderfully comfortable and ultra-lightweight.

pastel pink chunky sneakers thick platform pink shoestrings


You can walk with them for hours without feeling no pain – doesn’t that sound like the perfect 50+ sneaker? When it comes to styling, the chunky sneakers make a fashion statement. Whether as a style break with feminine dresses and skirts or super casual with sweatpants and sweaters – chunky sneakers add an extra dose of coolness to any outfit and always look great. If the shoe shape is already too daring for you, then go for sneakers in white or light pastel shades. They are perfect for the warm spring months.

Running shoes as sneaker trend 2023

running shoes as sneaker trend 2023

We no longer wear running shoes only when jogging or in the gym, because the comfortable shoes have finally made it to the list of the biggest shoe trends for 2023. Design combined with comfort and functionality – this is the maxim by which the 50+ sneakers are characterized. Running sneakers in fashionable colors such as blue and pink are particularly popular, and the shoes are simply made for longer walks or light hiking tours. But also in a style break with elegant skirts or Marlene trousers, the trekking sneakers fit particularly well and give the outfit a casual and refreshing touch. And if you like it even more comfortable, you can’t go wrong with sneakers with Velcro closure.

Sneakers in trendy colors for a cheerful look

sneakers in trendy colors for a cheerful look

Just because we’re getting older doesn’t mean we have to resign ourselves to a boring and stale look. If you think women over a certain age shouldn’t wear bright colors, you’re sorely mistaken! In fact, colorful sneakers for women over 50 are totally in this year and can spice up even the simplest jeans outfit in no time at all. Especially bright and extravagant trend colors such as viva magenta, orange or bright yellow create absolutely eye-catching moments and act as a great mood lifter. However, it is best to combine such sneakers with clothes in neutral shades or muted colors.

White trainers are on trend

white trainers are on trend in 2023 women over 50 comfortable shoes

White trainers are on trend in 2023! No wonder – after all, the trainers are real all-rounders and can really be combined with everything without any problems. Even for the office in combination with an elegant midi skirt or a trouser suit, white sneakers for women over 50 look really chic and are an excellent alternative to uncomfortable high heels. Whether as retro sneakers, running shoes or comfortable sock sneakers – the choice of designs and variants is really huge, so there is undoubtedly something for every taste and style.


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