Loafers 2023: They are back and here’s how to style them in the spring!

by Gabby

In recent years, loafers, especially chunky models, have established themselves as a classic and timeless piece in our wardrobe. That’s not surprising, as they’re lightweight, comfortable, and make whatever you wear look modern and chic. And when it comes to the loafers 2023 trends, with its chunky soles, platform soles and bright colors, it is very versatile and varied. How to wear them with style? What are the best ways to match them to your outfit? Let’s find out!

Loafers 2023: Trends and outfits for the spring

loafers 2023 trends and outfits for the spring fashion inspiration

It’s probably already come to your attention that loafers are everywhere these days. The classic shoe used to be the first choice for the chic elite. In recent seasons it has been reinterpreted and updated in a multitude of colors, finishes and materials. Given the enduring popularity of flats, the revival of this genderless style isn’t entirely surprising. They offer the comfort, yet are sleek enough to wear to the office or out to dinner. Check out these modern outfit ideas and get the best tips on how to style the loafers for the spring.

Trendy shoe colors for spring 2023

trendy shoe colors for spring 2023 women fashion loafers


Not all loafers are meant to be black or white, and this green pair proves that perfectly. They come in a variety of bright colors that will refresh your spring outfit. If you want to know what are the trendiest spring colors in 2023, check it out!

White loafers

women fashion 2023 white loafers spring shoes trends

If you’re more into classic black and white, you can’t go wrong with these colors either. A solid white loafer is really a clean look from the start. Just as black shoes are elegant with an all-black outfit, a white pair gives you a fresh look that’s great for a casual spring outfit. Not to mention that an outfit of white cropped jeans and a pair of good chunky loafers can look very classy and well put together. Add a colorful blouse and you are ready for the upcoming season.

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Casual street style with loafers

casual street style with loafers 2023

If you are in love with this casual street style, then this is for you! Whether it’s in the office, at brunch or shopping around town, these are definitely not your dad’s loafers. These trendy shoes are made to be seen. Wear them with suits and skirts for an elegant and classy outfit, that is subtle and casual as well!

How to wear heeled loafers?

loafers with heels is it trendy how to wear them with jeans


Loafers are a timeless type of shoe that can be both elegant and casual. They are particularly versatile when it comes to pairing them with jeans, as they can be worn with both straight-leg jeans and skinny jeans. For a casual look, combine the loafers with straight leg jeans and a t-shirt. For a touch of sophistication, you can add a blazer. If you want to spice up your look, combine the loafers with skinny jeans and a blouse or a shirt. Add a statement necklace or a gorgeous designer bag and you’re good to go!

Spring fashion trends: Monochrome outfits

monochrome outfits spring fashion trends 2023

There’s no doubt that loafers are on the rise. They are the perfect blend of comfort and style and can be styled to suit the occasion. Try a monochrome look and add contrast with black loafers and a statement belt. Add the finishing touch to your outfit by finishing it off with a scarf or statement earrings. For more inspiration, check out how to wear monochrome outfits in 2023.

Style lace socks with loafers 2023

lace socks for loafers 2023 trends fashion shoes

Wear beautiful lace socks with black wide-leg pants or jeans to elevate your evening wear. On the other hand, black lace socks can also add a seductive vibe to a long dress or shorter skirt! A black pleated mini skirt and white top with high black lace stockings is a chic outfit for the spring.

Mary Janes: Spring fashion trends 2023

Mary Janes shoes spring fashion trends 2023

Mary Jane shoes have a centuries-old fashion piece and have become the most popular shoe model for children. So there is no better way to style them to pay homage to their history than to go for a school uniform look. We see more and more ladies incorporating them to their style, thanks to the Netflix series Wednesday. The wonderful thing about this shoe trend is that it can really enhance any look.

How to create a romantic look?

romantic look with loafers 2023

Mini skirts aren’t the only ones that can be paired with these must-have shoes. Midi and maxi dresses also look great with loafers. Choose a pointy pair to make your legs look longer. If you’re wearing a pattern dress, opt for a solid-color pair of loafers. And if your dress is a solid color, you can experiment with different patterns and textures. Just make sure the colors complement each other.

How to pair tights with loafers 2023?

office outfit with loafers and tights

Loafers are often associated with the preppy look. So there is absolutely nothing wrong with combining a pair of tights and your loafers for one outfit. You can also spice up the look with a long blazer instead of a skirt. This also gives you the opportunity to show off vibrant tights to create a fun and youthful appearance.


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