Bob weaving hairstyles: Top trends for 2023 to get inspired by!

by Anjelina

2023 is just around the corner, and your desire for a hairstyle change probably comes with it. Am I right? However, if you’re not ready for some drastic change, but do want to try a bold and daring hairstyle, don’t worry! We’ve got just the solution for you, and it’s to try a bob weaving hairstyle! The weaving method, which is becoming more and more popular lately, is a great solution for those of you who want to give your natural hair a break and time to recover, and at the same time try something new! Get ready, because we’ve got the most stunning bob weaving hairstyles 2023 trends for you to get inspired by! You’ll probably book a hair appointment after the article is over!

Bob weaving hairstyles – 2023 trends

bob weaving hairstyles 2023 trends women haircuts short black straight blunt cut

The bob hairstyle will still be at the peak of popularity in 2023. Of course, hairdressers are constantly coming up with new ways to style and enhance classic hairstyles. Actually, the bob haircut is exactly that! We’ve selected the trendiest bob weaving hairstyles for 2023 for you, because we think every woman should try how a short haircut would look on her. Especially when it doesn’t affect her real hair, there’s nothing to lose. You might just win! In fact, the bob hairstyle has many benefits that you will fall in love with. It tends to bring out the best features of your face and gives you a new expression that you will most likely love!

Asymmetric weave bob with bangs

asymmetric weave bob with side swept bangs short length dark hair color feminine look


Our first suggestion is this extremely feminine hairstyle! It’s an asymmetric weave bob, the longest ends of which reach to the chin on one side and a little higher on the other. The hair is slightly curved at the bottom towards the face, and the best part is the long side-swept bangs that start right from where the hair parts and go almost to the chin, blending in wonderfully with the rest of the hair! What a romantic look, don’t you want to try how it would look on you? We hope you will!

Blunt cut weave bob

blunt cut bob weave hairstyle short hair straight line dark brown shiny hair

Classic haircuts will still be in fashion in 2023. And that doesn’t exclude the blunt cut bob! This is one of the most popular bob haircuts that goes on almost everyone, regardless of their face shape. The shortest part of the haircut starts at the back of the neck and slowly and smoothly transitions into a longer one, reaching a little below the chin. It is generally a short bob hairstyle and is characterized by the line at the ends being extremely straight and well shaped. The hair falls evenly on both sides and highlights the face in a wonderful way. Most often, women with such a haircut like to straighten their hair! Surely, this classic hairstyle will not go out of fashion anytime soon because of the elegance and modern look it creates!

Blonde weave bob

blonde weave bob layered hair side parted trendy messy look beautiful waves

As previously mentioned, Bob weaving hairstyles allow you to experiment with your look and try everything you haven’t dared before! Maybe it’s time to finally see yourself with blonde hair? Why not? We know lightening your hair is not easy at all, especially when your natural hair is dark. You have to visit your hairdresser at least a few times to get it right, and then you have to maintain it regularly to keep the original beautiful shade. It’s all a very time-consuming journey. It’s nice when we have alternative solutions! We bring to your attention a gorgeous weave bob hairstyle. The hair is blonde as it blends perfectly with the slightly darker roots. The hairstyle is voluminous thanks to the beautiful waves that are not strictly styled. On the contrary, a messy, yet stylish look is achieved that is sure to catch everyone’s eyes!

Side-part weave bob

side part weave bob asymmetri cut black straight hair slightly curled at the ends towards the face

One of the easiest and most spectacular ways to wear your hair is the side-part weave bob hairstyle. It is increasingly popular because of the extremely chic look it creates, while at the same time requiring little maintenance. It’s amazing how a change in the way one’s hair is parted can change their overall look so much! You can actually choose which style of bob you like best, and then decide where to part your hair. Unlike a central parting, which doesn’t always suit everyone, a side parting tends to be done in a way that the hairstyle really suits the person and shapes their facial features in the best way. The side parted hairstyle is casual, beautiful and by no means boring! Now is the time to decide what weave bob will suit you the most, but the important thing is to have fun while trying new bob weaving hairstyles because in the end your natural hair will not be affected in any way. Isn’t it great?

Bob weaving hairstyles – Gallery

trendy hairstyles for women 2023 weave bob straight black middle parted hair

Layered weave bob with bangs

short weave bob wavy black hair layered side part modern look

Stylish blonde weave bob

stylish bob weaving hairstyle blonde hair straight curtain bangs

Elegant asymmetric weave bob 

short asymmetric weave bob curly hairstyle elegant and chic black hair

Side part bob weaving hairstyle

bob weaving hairstyles 2023 trends asymmetric cut straight black hair


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