Trendy short haircut 2022: 6 dream ideas to spend the winter in style!

by Kremy

There are so many advantages of having short hair! First, if you’re wondering how to add volume to thin, flat hair… This is by far the easiest and least stressful method! Long, thick hair is quite heavy, so it looks flat when you wake up or when you’ve just finished drying your hair. Yes, you can add volume to it in in many different ways, some including heat, others dry shampoo and hairspray, etc. And yes, short hair also needs styling. But when you feel the hair falling during cutting, it’s like a burden is falling and you are free. Coco Chanel herself said: “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.“ Are you ready to change your life? Then I present to you the best ideas for short haircut 2022 trends!

6 great ideas for a trendy short haircut 2022

6 big ideas for a trendy short haircut 2022

Short hair is bold, sexy and extremely versatile. There are so many styles to choose from that they can make your head spin! Having a short haircut is like a breath of fresh air. Don’t get me wrong, long hair is absolutely gorgeous, lovely, bewitching and so on… However, it has always been considered the “safer” and “feminine” option. When I was little and I wanted short hair, people around me exclaimed: “Don’t ruin your beautiful hair!”. But that always left me perplexed… Why cutting your hair short is “ruining” it? Well, I say ditch the safe options and throw the door wide open for the most daring and trendy short hairstyles of 2022 so we can all end the winter with a bang! Oh, one more thing before we get to the hairstyles.

Short haircut 2022 for thin hair: the pixie

short haircut 2022 thin hair


The pixie cut is by far the haircut that will give you the most volume. Moreover, there are many types of pixie cut, like classic, short, long, layered, cropped, undercut, etc. Some will say it’s a bit of a boyish cut, I say they’re wrong, because women wear it as well as men, if not better!

Short haircut 2022: wet hair

trendy short hairstyles 2022

The Bob haircut has always been such a hit, even since the 1920s! But what about slicked back hair? In the 90s, supermodels wore designer dresses and twirled around while looking stunning on the catwalks. And what did most of them have? Well, the models’ iconic long hair, of course. But what else? The wet hair look! It not only embodies femininity and sensuality, but can also be professional, party-ready or casual. It all depends on the clothes and what attitude you adopt afterwards.

Chanel hair

short bob with bangs 2022

Chanel’s hair is very reminiscent of Coco Chanel’s signature bob at the time, hence the name. You can do it in a different length if you like it longer or shorter. But at the end of the day, make sure you have a black dress and some pearls…

Trendy short bob cut

short haircut winter 2023

Victoria Beckham made us all fall in love with her daring short haircut back in the day! Today, it is making a strong comeback as a trendy short haircut 2022! Try a bob cut with bangs and make it chin length! This is THE 2022 trendy short haircut! Besides, it’s a great hairstyle for a square face!

90’s bob

bob haircut winter 2022

The 90’s bob is the epitome of the boy band era of the late 90s. The center parting and the hair falling casually down both sides of the cheeks are stunning!

Trendy women’s short haircut 2022: Shag hair

short hairstyles 2022 ideas

Shaggy hair and mullet hair go hand in hand. If you don’t fancy having a really short hairstyle, but still want some volume and cut out a lot of that length that’s holding you back… Then try the untamed shag hair! By the way, a word of warning. If your hair is super straight and you’re always late in the morning because you can’t get ready in time…this hair may not be the best for you if you want volume! I recommend wavy hair to women who want a wonderfully messy hairstyle with no effort!


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