Looking for a Bedroom Makeover? Check Out 10 Fabulous Bedroom Wallpaper Trends of 2022!

by Kristiyana

This year is almost over, and I still haven’t given my a well-deserved bedroom a makeover. I think it is definitely in need of some refreshing! Don’t you sometimes just get sick of that outdated wallpaper that has been up on your walls since forever? I am feeling like I want to add some style and elegance to my bedroom. What do you think? Don’t we deserve a little pampering now and then? Maybe one that involves getting a modern and trendy outfit for our walls? I think we do! Let’s take our pick with these 10 fabulous bedroom wallpaper trends of 2022!

Bedroom wallpaper trends 2022

bedroom wallpaper ideas_neutral wallpaper for bedroom

When trying to choose between the latest bedroom wallpaper trends, there are just so many stunning options you can go with! Want something rich and extravagant? Or maybe you want to go with a more simplistic approach when it comes to your bedroom walls? What about patterns? Yes or no? Ahh! Such an abundance of amazing designs! Luckily for you, I have picked out the must-haves of this year’s wallpaper trends just for your elegant bedroom! So hope on and let’s get to looking!

1. Delicate florals bedroom wallpaper

delicate floral wallpaper_bedroom wallpaper trends


My first pick is this beautiful and delicate floral bedroom wallpaper. I really don’t think you can ever go wrong with selecting florals for any room at all! Especially with a subtle and elegant design like this one. The touch of nature is combined with a mix of muted colours, which creates a very soft and cosy appearance for your bedroom. Warm and classy at the same time.

2. Stripped walls trend

stripped wallpaper design_bedroom wallpaper trends

If you haven’t noticed by now, stripped wallpaper has always been in style! Over the years, there have been so many new designs that have come to light, hence there are plenty of options to go with. The wallpaper in this picture is a stylish mix of gray, black, and white that achieves in creating a sophisticated and classy bedroom look. Plus, having vertical striped-walls makes the ceiling appear higher than it is, hence you can visually make your bedroom look bigger with a wallpaper like this one.

3. Tropical bedroom wallpaper

tropical wallpaper for bedroom_bedroom wallpaper ideas

When you are searching for a quick escape in your cocooning bedroom, wouldn’t be amazing if you could transport yourself to a tropical rainforest? Or the beach? Then this palm bedroom wallpaper is just the thing you need! Nothing says peace and quiet like giving your room a makeover that has the powers to take you somewhere exotic and relaxing! Having walls like these will immediately brighten your mood.

4. Everything pattern wallpaper trend

fabric wallpaper_pattern wallpaper bedroom

Speaking of bedroom wallpaper trends of 2022, nothing says royalty like this mesmerizing and extravagant fabric pattern wallpaper! If you want to go with a rich and luxurious option for your bedroom walls, just pick a pattern you like and put it up as a wallpaper! Easy, right? Having vibrant colours like these for your bedroom will certainly make you feel like a queen or king when you go to get your good night’s sleep!

5. Subtle neutrals bedroom walls

neutral colour wallpaper_bedroom wallpaper ideas

Anyone who knows even a bit about interior design, knows that having neutral walls for your bedroom is always a good idea. Colours are of big importance, and going with ones that are subtle and easy on the eyes will make you feel more relaxed when you are in that room. Plus, this soft pink design is super stylish and would go well with almost any piece of furniture you would like to add to your classy bedroom.

6. Retro florals bedroom trend

retro floral wallpaper_bedroom wallpaper trends

Doesn’t this mute floral wallpaper just remind you of being at your grandmother’s house? And I mean that in a good way! This beautiful retro take on the floral wallpaper trend creates a soft and cosy atmosphere for your bedroom. So if you are into vintage designs and accessories like I am, then going with the retro floral option will perfectly reflect your tastes in your safe space.

7. Soft geometric patterned-walls

geometric wallpaper_bedroom wallpaper designs

For those always looking for symmetry in everything, you should absolutely get this elegant and soft geometric bedroom wallpaper! You won’t regret it! Vintage, but stylish, the geometric-patterned wallpaper trend is also perfect for anyone who wants a single feature wall in their bedroom. A wall design like this one will just make any other item in your bedroom pop!

8. Mural wallpaper design

mural wallpaper_mural wallpaper for bedroom

If you enjoy views of scenery, love to imagine that you are in a far-away magical land, or often picture yourself at your favourite spot in the countryside, then get a mural for your bedroom walls! This underwater design is fascinating and unique, and will make you feel at ease when you are resting in your room. For a lot of people, imagining they are swimming or underwater can calm them down, as water makes us feel closer to nature.

9. Minimalistic bedroom wallpaper

 minimalist wallpaper_bedroom wallpaper designs

Generally, when you want to go for something with style, it comes to be minimalistic. Picking a wallpaper design like this one will without a doubt add elegance to your bedroom. It makes the room look sleek and tidy, and you can easily add colourful or luxurious decorations to complete the look you are striving towards. Classy and tasteful!

10. Polka dot wallpaper trend

polka dot wallpaper_bedroom wallpaper trends

The polka dot trend of wallpapers is a very cute, fun, and simple choice for a bedroom makeover. A very popular option with children’s bedrooms, this wallpaper is perfect if you want to add a neutral subtle background to your room, but not forgetting that hint of playfulness and chic!

You have officially been introduced to the trendiest bedroom wallpaper designs of 2022! Now it’s time to pick out what you think will suit you best, and get to redecorating. Don’t forget to have fun and use your imagination to colour with style your cosy bedroom! Enjoy!

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