Small bedroom furniture ideas and tips to enlarge the space visually

by Kremy


small bedroom ideas white furniture wall shelves

When it comes to furnishing, small spaces can be a huge problem. Despite the challenge, with the right ideas, colors, lighting and a few optic tricks, even the tiniest space can turn into an attractive and pleasant space. We will show you some original small bedroom furniture ideas which may help you for your own challenging project.

small bedroom furniture ideas neutral colors wall shelves wall mirror


Modern apartments rarely offer spacious bedrooms. Most often the rooms have a fairly modest-size, and sometimes they are quite small. If you have such a tiny room and you have no idea how to furnish it, here are some useful tips, including male bedroom ideas, which will help you with the task. The first and most important step is to get rid of all unnecessary items that “eat” your valuable space and remove all things that you do not use on a daily basis.

small bedroom ideas white funriture bed storage drawers desk

Small bedroom furniture ideas usually feature compact and space saving pieces which also provide original storage ideas for tiny areas. If you try to cram a bed, bedside tables, wardrobe, chest of drawers, dressing table into a petite bedroom, it is very likely that you will feel as if you are suffocating. The furniture should not overwhelm the space, so you should forget the idea of a traditional sleeping room set. Think of the layout – try to arrange the pieces so that you have maximum free space. Choose simple and clean lines and avoid large patterns on the upholstery.

modern wall storage cabinets gray accents

There are a few really simple tricks which will help you to enlarge the space visually and they can be applied not only in the bedroom but in any other room. The brilliant small bedroom furniture ideas in the gallery below demonstrate most of them. Using bright colors, mirrors and light is the base of your design. Create a neutral background for the furniture – cream, beige and light gray are a perfect color choice and you can add a few color accents with accessories or with decorative pillows.

wardrobe mirror doors floral wallpaper

A wardrobe with sliding doors is the perfect choice for small bedrooms. It would be even better if the doors of the wardrobe are mirrored as this will double the space visually. Go vertical – install open or floating shelves and storage cabinets on the walls. Try to avoid vertical patterns on the walls, as they shrink the space. Horizontal patterns are more appropriate for limited area rooms as they expand the space.

modern wardrobe sliding doors glossy finish

sgrey accent wall white cabinets

small decor ideas horizontal wall stripes gray headboars original shelves

modern small podium bed wardrobe neutral color

gray window bench storage cabinets wall shelf

neutral colors wood flooring pastel green accents

white bedroom white wall shelf system curtain

built in wardrobe mirror doors white furniture

gray wall cabinets

elegant wall panels storage drawers shelves

elegant upholstered headboard white chest of drawers

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