Space saving ideas for the bedroom – get a wall mounted nightstand

by Kremy


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In today’s world, with its hectic life we crave to combine comfort, function and aesthetics that is why the requirements to furniture design are increasing every day and comfort and beauty are no longer enough. Many people have other criteria for modern furniture and today we will focus on one of these increasingly popular items – a wall mounted nightstand.


How to choose a wall mounted nightstand

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This small piece of furniture is extremely important. Its purpose and function is to accommodate a variety of items – from the book we read before falling asleep to the watch that wakes us up in the morning. It is difficult to imagine a bedroom without this important piece of furniture because the bed will then look unfinished.


A wall mounted nightstand has the advantage to be functional and if you are used to put some things right near the bed, it can become an alternative to conventional nightstands and bedside tables. Despite the modest size, wall mounted nightstands are essential if you want to create a harmonious, complete and comfortable interior in the bedroom. They will be a place for the alarm clock and phone book and glasses, cups of tea and evening nightlight.


Wall mounted nightstand design ideas

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Many interior designers will opt for a wall mounted nightstand when they furnish a small bedroom as the floating appearance is really charming. However, they look very well in large bedrooms as the mounting leaves the floor space free and the room looks airy and spacious. Modern or traditional minimalist or ornate, these nightstands will make your bedroom look different and much more interesting. You will notice in the gallery below that the various designs are not at the expense of functionality and you’ll have the storage that you need. Nightstands can be built into the headboard and look like its natural extension.


wall-mounted-nightstand-ideas-wooden shelf table lamp

A unique solid wood nightstand


 Minimalist bedroom with wall mounted nightstands

black and white-minimalist-bedroom-floating-bed-wall-mounted-nightstand

Space saving ideas for the bedroom

solid wood bed platform with floating-nightstands-modern-bedroom-sconces


wall-mounted-nightstand-bedroom-interior-design-ideas-space saving ideas

Unique-wall-mounted-nightstand-solid wood-drum-bedside-lamp





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