Space Saving Behind the Door Storage Ideas for your Home

by Kremy

Do you live a small apartment and suffer from lack of storage space? There is no reason to fall into despair. The fact is that even luxurious apartments and large houses manage to clutter up. Conversely, a small apartment can be made much more spacious if you organize your storage properly. Today we will show you some space saving behind the door storage ideas which can be used in any room of the home.

Space Saving Behind the Door Storage Ideas for your Home

Lack of free space is a problem for all owners of small apartments. How to organize the storage of the necessary little things so that they are always at hand and do not take up scarce space? Modern storage systems include cabinets, boxes, modular sections, and open shelving. Their common feature is functionality – you can place your things conveniently and easily find them at the most important moment. One of the interesting solutions is to use the doors. Closet doors and doors of even the smallest cabinets can solve the problem of storing various necessary things.

Practical and Space-Saving Behind the door storage ideas

Space Saving Behind the door storage ideas


The function of doors does not end with opening or closing. They can serve as a storage system of your items. Behind the door storage ideas can help you maximize the available space in a small kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, craft or utility room, etc. Every square inch counts, especially when we talk about storage solutions. The backs of closet or cabinet doors provide space that is often neglected. There is no doubt that behind-the-door storage ideas are practical, space saving and really helpful when you are looking for organizing solutions. What are the most popular door storage and organizing solutions?

Over the Door Pocket Organizers

Over the Door Pocket Organizers

Over the door pocket organizers are designed for convenient storage of clothes, accessories and small items. They are exceptionally easy to install and use and will come in handy in any household. You can use such a product anywhere in your house or apartment, hanging it on a wall, door or closet. You can conveniently store a variety of things, from children’s toys or bath accessories to handicraft materials. The market offers numerous models in a variety of sizes and with different number of pockets.

Over the Door Wire Racks

space saving storage ideas Over the door wire racks

Over the door wire racks with multiple compartments works well for storing items of various sizes and shapes. This is a universal type of behind the door storage and can be used in wet areas like bathroom, laundry room, etc. Wire shelving comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors as well as in different finishes – black/white finish, nickel chrome plated, etc. which means that you can find the right finish for your needs. Wire racks are durable and require no maintenance. You simply need to wipe them down occasionally. They are excellent for kitchens as spice racks, garments organizers, book and toy storage, bathroom cosmetics and house cleaning products storage, etc.

Utility Boards and Boxes

 behind the door storage ideas Utility boards


Utility boards and boxes are a great way to utilize your storage space. You can buy them from a store or just take the idea and craft an over-the-door board by yourself. You can add hooks and organize all your jewelry, small or larger containers for hair accessories – hairbands, pins, ribbons, etc. This is an excellent idea to store and organize home office documents, office supplies, school art supplies, etc.

Over the Door Hooks

behind the door storage ideas

Over the door hooks are an excellent solution and a great DIY project. You can even select a model combined with a rack. It takes five minutes to hang them over any door and you can hang clothes, towels, handbags and your accessories in a tidy fashion.

Affordable Behind the Door Storage Solutions – File and Magazine Holders

affordable behind the door storage solution file holders

File and magazine holders are an affordable behind-the-door storage solution. When mounted on the back of the door they provide easy access to all your belongings.

Over the Door Basket Organizers

over the door basket organizer

Baskets are a great storage and if you could simply hang them over the door, you will get a lot of additional space for all sorts of items – food supplies, spices, books, bathroom toiletries, etc. You can choose one basket models which are ideal for installing on kitchen cabinet doors or a model with 2 ,3 or more baskets.

Over Door Shoe Organizer

shoe storage ideas behind the door

Shoe storage is perhaps the biggest problem in any home. When you have to change seasonal clothes and footwear, you simply realize that there is not enough space for the shoes of all family members. Over door shoe organizers vary from pocket organizers in different size and color (or transparent) to special show racks. Pocket shoe organizers are lightweight and comfortable, do not take up much space and can be placed anywhere.

Kitchen Rails and Bars

Kitchen Rails and Bars behind the door storage ideas

Kitchen railing systems are usually installed on the backsplash or under the cabinets. However, you can install them behind any door and use the rail for storing utensils while over door bars are excellent for kitchen towels.

behind the door storage space saving solutions

Where can you place behind the door storage units? Obviously, the type of over door storage will depend on the purpose of the room. In the hallway you can hang an organizer for shoes, bags, umbrellas, etc. A rack with solid or mesh baskets in the bathroom is perfect for towels, household chemicals, and personal hygiene products. Behind the door storage ideas are excellent for children’s rooms as well – you can organize all toys, books, and children’s craft materials neatly.


Storage ideas for small spaces back of doors rails


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