25 Super creative shoe storage ideas – how to organize your shoes?

by Kremy

Super creative shoe storage ideas DIY shoe rack

Find below some really creative shoe storage ideas which you can use at your home. The problem of storing shoes has existed for a long time and to this day remains relevant for many people. How to store shoes compactly and where to hide seasonal things? If you are blessed with a huge closet, you can take advantage of the many organizers sold in stores, but even if your space is limited with proper organization and some creativity one can cope with the problem.

We have showed you different shoe cabinets and shoe rack benches and of course, these are not the only possibilities. For example, a narrow metal cabinet like in a locker room takes up little space and can accommodate a lot of shoes. If you manage to get one, install organizers inside that allow you to double the usable space. New storage ideas appear every day and we have another selection that will inspire you to approach the organization of your collection in a different way.

Provide proper storage conditions for your shoes

under bed storage ideas large drawer as shoe organizer


Creative shoe storage ideas can solve your problem with seasonal items and not only. Changing the places of winter and summer shoes will drive anyone crazy. And each and every one knows how irritating it can be to look for a certain pair of shoes among all the boxes that you stored. How to make your life easier? Creative shoe storage ideas can be very helpful and you can use your imagination or find inspiration in the photos below.

To create an efficient storage system for shoes it is necessary to understand the needs of the family and solve the difficulties of storing boots, shoes, summer and demi-season models. In addition, you need to store them properly so that they serve you for many years. It will be unwise to put everything in packages and just forget about the shoes until next season. You need to know that even not capricious material will begin to deteriorate and lose its normal appearance if not properly stored. Dust, for example, will have a detrimental effect not only on suede, it damages leather as well.

Practical shoe storage ideas transparent boxes

How to provide proper storage conditions for your shoes? What do you need to know and keep in mind when choosing the place for the shoes? Here are some of the most important factors that you need to consider:

  • Sunlight – Light can greatly spoil any pair of shoes. If exposed to sunlight, the quality and color change. It is important that you do not leave your shoes under the influence of sunlight.
  • Temperature – The temperature should not change sharply, otherwise it will affect the condition of any shoes.
  • Airing and humidity – It is important not to store shoes in a damp place. Normal, comfortable conditions are in the range of 45-55% humidity. To maintain an optimal rate, you can use a humidifier in any season, and in winter you can simply leave a container of water near the radiator.

It is not recommended to organize storage where a lot of dust is constantly collected. It clogs the external side of the shoes and is very hard to clean. It is best if you consider packing in special bags – this allows for normal air access, circulation of temperature and humidity.

pull out drawers under stairs creative storage ideas shoe organizers

If you do not take into consideration these factors, even the highest quality shoes will slowly and deteriorate. How to prepare your shoes for storage?

The first thing to do is sorting. Have a look and see if you have any pair that has gone out of fashion, become tight or too wide. Perhaps there are damaged or not repairable pairs which need to be thrown away. A little sorting will help you not waste space on unnecessary things. Here are some simple tips that you can follow:

  • Remove the dust from the upper parts, textile materials can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Wipe each shoe with a damp microfiber cloth. It is necessary to pay attention to the heel, the sole and each decorative element.
  • It is important to let everything dry well before storing. Removable insoles must be removed.
  • For storing winter shoes – stuff them with newspapers or other soft paper. Such a filler absorbs even a minimal amount of moisture and will help keep the shape of shoes and boots.
  • Do not place shoes dry too close to the fireplace, boiler or other heating elements. Excess heat contributes to deformation and the appearance of cracks.
  • If there are minor defects on your favorite pair that require repair, we recommend that you immediately take it to a cobbler.
  • Methods of storing shoes always include processing with special compounds. Leather and faux leather should be treated with cream, suede is sprayed with spray. It is important to wait until the product is completely absorbed.
  • Each pair must be packed in its own box or bag. This protects against dust, moisture and moisture condensation. Winter models should be stored in a breathable bag. You can compactly pack several pairs of summer models.
  • Small bags of silica gel that are provided in the store along with the shoes should not be thrown away. Keep them and use them to prevent moisture damage.


Super creative shoe storage ideas to optimize unused space in your home

Shoe storage and organizers hooks on wall

There are different ways to store. One can choose from wooden or cardboard boxes to special shoe organizers that save space and ensure that all conditions for the proper storage are met. DIY shoe storage ideas are an excellent option for those who have a lot of free time and the desire to do something for the home. Look at these super creative shoe storage ideas and see which one is suitable for you your home!

Wooden crates

Shoe organization ideas with old crates

If you do not want to bother much and spend money on materials then this option is for you. You can upcycle old crates and use them as she storage. If you want, you can paint them to add pops of color to your interior or attach rollers for easy movement. Perhaps this is the easiest way to organize and store the shoes of the family. You do not need to build anything, just nail the crates to the wall or place them next to each other. This solution is simple, stylish, and most importantly – functional.

Rails, cornices or wooden slats

DIY shoe organizers ideas towel rack

A fantastic, elegant and expensive effect can be achieved by using ordinary rails or cornices. In this simple way, you can create an amazing place to store your collection of shoes. Even if such a solution is suitable only for shoes with heels, nevertheless, trims will also become a bright accent in the interior, and this is a big plus. To do this, attach them along the walls of the hallway.

Ladders as shoe storage

DIY shoe storage ideas wooden ladder

There is nothing complicated here, but to implement this idea you will need to get a stepladder. Find a convenient place and install such a non-standard shoe rack. Done, you can safely place your shoes. Mesh frame can be successfully used for storing shoes as well. It provides even more usable storage space. With the help of such an unusual and interesting device, it is possible to organize the storage of your shoes in an original and convenient way

Hidden show storage systems

under stairs storage drawers are perfect to use for shoes

You can use the space on the steps of the stairs. Do not lose useful space. Make hidden pull-out shelves in the steps. There you can store not only shoes, but also seasonal items, and any other useful little things.

Hidden storage in furniture

elegant ottoman with shoe storage and organizers

This idea is suitable for hallway shoes and you can keep slippers or shoes inside a bench. Hidden storage in furniture helps save space and id a great solution for small hallways or narrow corridors. Another super cool idea is to use the space inside an ottoman. This space is extremely inconvenient to store shoes. If you attach pockets to the inner surface which will serve you as shoe organizers.

super creative shoe storage and organizers ideas moldings on wall

Homemade shoe organizers may well compete with expensive models sold in stores. Have a look at the super creative shoe storage ideas in the photo gallery!



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original space saving storage ideas tufted bench with drawers

original shoe storage ideas space saving furniture

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25 Super creative shoe storage ideas how to organize your shoes


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