Small balcony lounge furniture ideas how to create a peaceful oasis

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comfortable furniture for small balconies original ideas

We will show you some fantastic small balcony lounge furniture ideas and will tell you how you can transform your outdoor area into a peaceful oasis where you can relax in the end of the day. The balcony should become the space where you want to come to relax alone or spend time with family or friends. The design should be attractive and inviting so that you’d want to return to the balcony again and again. The small area of the balcony is not a reason not to use it creatively. Some people use it as storage, but you can surely find another place for your bike, ski or other sports equipment. There are a lot of ideas for arranging a small balcony.

Small balcony lounge furniture ideas how to create a peaceful oasis


If the home has a balcony, this is a big advantage. Living in such an apartment is more comfortable, because you can breathe fresh air from the comfort of your home. There are many options to transform your balcony. Some people prefer to arrange a home office, others opt for a library, hobby room, art studio, craft room, etc. Those who want an area for relaxation and privacy will surely find some inspiring ideas in the gallery below. Of course, you can come up with your own design and we shall help you with some useful tips for choosing the best materials and decor style as well as proper furniture and accessories.

Simple steps to follow when you want to transform your balcony into a lounge area

relaxing lounge furniture for small balcony tips and ideas

To spend time outdoors in a comfortable chair without leaving your home – is this not true comfort that city dwellers dream of? But many are convinced that it is impossible to make a comfortable place to relax on a tiny balcony because of street dust and noise, which will definitely ruin everything. However, arranging a chill-out space with the atmosphere of a summer cafe on a balcony is quite achievable and uncomplicated. To turn a small balcony into something cozy and original, you just need to focus on a few very important points that will help you achieve the desired result.

If you can’t increase the actual area, then you can visually expand the space. For this, designers advise to use light colors. White, beige, cream, light yellow and blue – these shades allow you to increase the size of your balcony visually.

Another trick that will help visually increase the space is the use of finishing materials with a glossy surface. They perfectly reflect the light, saturating the room with it, and make it appear more spacious and lighter.

If plain surfaces seem too boring to you, then you can use materials with a pattern. But you have to remember the main rule – in narrow places a fine pattern will look good. Large patterns are suitable for large areas, so try to avoid them.

how to choose relaxing lounge furniture for a small balcony

One of the most important considerations that you need to keep in mind is the available space. Balcony size matters, especially when it is limited. If the balcony is overloaded with furniture, it will look more like a warehouse and will practically lose its functionality and it will be impossible to relax.

Temperature and humidity are other important factors that will affect not only the design but the choice of your small balcony lounge furniture. In the open, your furniture will constantly be under the influence of strong winds and temperature fluctuations, sun and rain. That is why choosing durable furniture is recommended. If you plan to spend time on the balcony year-round, it is important to ensure high-quality insulation, install appropriate double-glazed windows.

Furniture dimensions are essential. When choosing lounge furniture for a small balcony, make sure to measure the doorways. You may like a lovely and comfortable looking armchair or sofa and it may be impossible to put it in its place if it just does not come through the door. There should be as much space as possible for free movement and rearrangement of furniture. In any case, the access to the balcony door should not be blocked.

Finishing materials, furniture and decorative items should be purchased in accordance with the chosen style. It is best if you decide on the style even before the start any finishing work. The style will determine the list of materials, furniture and accessories.

Small balcony lounge furniture ideas to create an open air relaxing place

DIY Balcony lounge furniture home accessories outdoor area trends

Small balcony lounge furniture ideas differ in style and there is something for every taste. However, the common features are that pieces are multi-functional, compact, lightweight and in many cases folding. Finding a small sofa for a balcony that would ideally fit into one or another of its corners can be quite difficult despite the fact that many companies offer a wide range of outdoor furniture.

Basically, when you arrange an area for relax and rest, you need comfortable seating and a table. You can choose a sofa or comfy chairs. DIY pallet furniture is a great budget friendly option as well. You can paint the pallets or stain them depending on the chosen style. The great thing about pallets is that they can be incorporated into any style – from Boho chic, Oriental to Shabby chic and rustic.

Upholstered furniture is represented not only by sofas, but also by armchairs. Transforming chairs are universal and can be used both as an armchair and as a bed. The choice of seating furniture options is not limited. Wicker or metal-framed models are not only good looking but lightweight as well and remind of summer holidays, beach and sea. There is a large number of variations of wicker chairs and you can find a mini armchair even for the smallest balcony. Hanging chairs are another original option and besides the fact that they save floor space, they make the balcony much more interesting.

small apartment balcony furniture ideas stylish outdoor area

Simple benches are also a good option for organizing the balcony space. A deck chair, lounge chair, a hammock, a swing – there are plenty of options which you can select from depending on the size of the balcony. Add a compact coffee table for soft drinks and enjoy your time in the open!

Add blankets and pillows. Textiles are the most affordable way to make a balcony cozy and comfortable for relaxing. Add bright pillows and cushions – they will give the balcony a character and individuality. Make sure the pillows are made from textiles with special impregnation which does not fade in the sun and does not get wet in the rain.

Think about a floor cover. Artificial grass or light carpets will help maintain a relaxing atmosphere on the balcony. Warm the floor with homespun rugs or small carpets. They will provide warmth for the feet and washing them will not be difficult.

Balcony lighting creates a special atmosphere and ambiance. String lights are always a good choice. No wiring on the balcony? Find solar powered models. With their help you will create a colorful and romantic atmosphere without high costs. Lanterns and candles will make the balcony even more romantic!

small balcony design furniture and decorating ideas

Add flowers. Vertical gardens are an excellent option for small balconies. Flower pots hanging on the railing are a great solution for landscaping outdoor spaces.

Add decorative elements. Accessories are another way to create a relaxing atmosphere on your balcony. It can be functional elements, such as lanterns for candles, or interesting airy compositions that have a purely decorative function.

Balcony shade is essential for the hot summer days. You can hang light curtains. They will not only provide privacy to the space and hide you from the eyes of passers-by but will also protect you from scorching sunlight on a hot day.

In conclusion we can say that any balcony can be transformed into a comfortable and cozy place. Small balcony lounge furniture ideas are diverse and in the photos below you will find different ideas for organizing the space in so many creative ways.



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