Space saving balcony planters – clever ideas for small balcony gardens

by Kremy

space saving balcony planters ideas planter boxes

It is a dream of everyone to be able to sit on the balcony surrounded by his favorite plants and flowers. If you are lucky to have a large space, this is not a problem at all.

small balcony garden ideas vertical wall garden modern balcony decoration


However, having a garden on a small balcony can be a troublesome task. Unless you get creative.

balcony decorating ideas outdoor furniture planters

We have collected really awesome space saving ideas which will give you the opportunity to create a lovely outdoor area and enjoy time in the open.

Space saving vertical balcony planters

space saving balcony planters ideas vertical garden small balcony

Going vertical is one of the best options that you have when you want to save valuable space.

vertical garden ideas vertical planters small balcony


Vertical planters are practical, functional and a very creative way to decorate your balcony in style.

vertical garden small balcony decoration

You could fix them on the walls or if drilling is not possible some hooks will do the trick.

modern planters wall planters decoration

Vertical garden designs are a very successful option for small balconies as they utilize the space in the best possible way.

Hanging balcony planters

space saving ideas garden hanging planter

Another practical solution for a small space and an excellent idea for balcony planters – the hanging baskets, as they do not occupy much room.

space saving ideas hanging planters garden ideas

Positioned in the air, hanging on a hook or a rope, they look absolutely spectacular.

hanging basket balcony garden planters

They are always eye catching and a spectacular, unique, colorful decoration.

Use the railing for decorating

colorful pocket planters railing garden

Planters for the railings are offered in an enormous variety of designs, styles and colors.

space saving railing planters

You can choose from plastic, metal, pocket, self watering planters – the choice is unlimited.

decoration balcony planters

In addition to the convenience of saving space, the planters fixed on the railing add an incredible, romantic and charming look to your balcony.

Wrought iron railing flower pots garden

They are very convenient to use as you can take care of your flowers without bending or reaching up.

 design wall planters creative balcony

cool ideas garden planters

balcony decor vertical garden planters space saving ideas


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