Glass balcony railings – enjoy the panorama view at any time

by Kremy

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What are the advantages of  glass balcony railings? Why many people prefer them instead of other options? In general balustrades have two main functions – protective and decorative.

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Balcony banisters are designed to ensure the safety of people and to make the facade of the building more attractive.

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However transparent balustrades have the advantage to offer an unobstructed view of the surrounding and you can enjoy the landscape from any point but are not among the very popular DIY barrier ideas, as glass requires a special attention.

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 The balcony is a part of the home and the living space. The appearance of this spot needs to be in harmony with the home interior.

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Glass balcony railings are an addition to any modern home. They go well with designs in hi-tech, modern or minimalist style.

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A transparent balustrade looks elegant, modern and allows the light in the home.

Modern glass railings balcony design ideas sea view

Of course, a translucent material barrier is the first choice of homeowners who want to keep a panorama view of the city, the mountain or the sea and enjoy unique sunsets and sunrises.

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One of the main reasons for choosing a glass balcony railing is the low maintenance.

Modern glass railings transparent sea view

Unlike wood, for example, crystal clear balustrades do not require staining, painting or sealing. The maintenance includes a regular cleaning with a squeegee, soap and water.

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This type of banisters are manufactured so that they are durable and safe. The panels from tempered glass would not shatter even when cracked.

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Glass panels do not corrode over time if exposed to bad weather and water. You could customize your panels and choose frosted ones if you wanted more privacy or transparent one for more visibility.

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On the downside a main disadvantage is that fingerprints, bird drips and water marks are quite visible.

Awesome bglass brailing contemporary furniture

The lack of privacy is a big issue for some people, but as we already said, there is always an option to choose frosted finish.

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