Choosing a balcony railings – stainless steel, wood or glass?

by Kremy

Glass balcony railing furniture beautiful

We will show you some creative ideas on how you can build balcony railings – and look closely at the different materials.

What material to choose for the balcony railings?

Metal aluminium balcony railings rattan furniture


Building glass balcony railings is very fashionable at the moment. Fans of minimalism can opt for railing completely made of glass. If you want to enjoy your wonderful views, glass railings will give you this opportunity. It is definitely practical to build a stainless steel frame – in this way the glass details come to better advantage. The modern design and the simple design are perfect for fans of minimalism. If you like traditional balcony railings made ​​of wood, you can also opt for a mixture from aluminum and wood. Match the railing with the design of the house. Railings made of wood can be painted in white to give the facade a striking modern look. You can also try another color that complements the color of the facade. Two-color combinations are allowed, if they are matching with the facade. In order to maintain the modern style, choose clean lines and a strong geometric design such as square post and handrail.

Balcony design ideas

House renovating roof deck balcony wooden railing

Whichever material you choose, it also has to do with the budget. The railings from stainless steel and aluminum are more favorable than those of glass and wood. The price may vary depending on the quality and production. Custom made balcony railings are, of course, more expensive than the standard items at the store. Finally, you ought to think of the maintenance – aluminum is very easy to clean, glass needs / similar to the windows / regular brushing, and wood should be oiled with special agents. Try to consider the preferred style in advance so that the exterior looks harmonious and add to the pleasant time that you spend outdoors with friends and family. Let yourself be inspired by the designs and choose one that fits your decor!

House in the country with balconies of wrought iron

decorative railings design ideas forest house

 Balcony with an aluminum railing

Alluminium balcony railings house renovation


Stainless steel railing – cheap, practical and stylish

Balcony furniture balcony railing stainless steel

Traditional wooden railing – Cabin in the mountains

traditional wooden balcony railings country house

Large balcony with wooden railings

Wooden tiles railings pergola

 Sealing with cork provides wind protection

Cork railings sliding glass door

Add plants for more privacy

glass railing greening plants

Small apartment balcony

Glass railing design city apartment

Glass railings and floor lighting

apartment glass railing floor lighting

Glass offers better views

glass railing garden lawn

 Glass can be decorated with flower boxes

Glass railing plant privacy house renovation



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