How to Store Firewood Decoratively? Creative and Affordable Ideas for Indoors and Outdoors

by Kremy

Do you want to beautify your garden area or indoor spaces? How to store firewood decoratively? Discover some ways to do this here!

Instead of stacking logs unsightly before the heating season, you can enhance suitable areas and store firewood decoratively. This allows you to utilize every available space and improve the overall look of your garden or home. If you have a wood stove or fireplace, a rustic design of the surrounding spaces can create even more warmth and coziness. You can be inspired by the following examples and create a unique atmosphere indoors or outdoors.

Where and How to Store Firewood Decoratively?

firewood storage indoor outdoor ideas

Of course, storing firewood would be easier if you have a garden or yard, but indoor spaces are also suitable. Although the latter require more cleaning and care, there are numerous ways to reduce this effort through clever and creative storage options. However, one advantage of storing firewood outdoors is that, given the right conditions, it can dry better. This can usually take one or two seasons, although you can also store firewood decoratively.

indoor and outdoor firewood storage ideas


In addition, you can show off the natural charm of the wood pieces outside and use them as creative garden decorations. Depending on the amount and available space, various corners in the garden are suitable for this, as well as specially created niches indoors. There are also prefabricated frames that you can use as decoration or build yourself as an inexpensive DIY project.

creative outdoor firewood storage ideas

You can store firewood decoratively by using its distinct texture to create various eye-catching geometric figures and shapes. However, it is also important to secure the finished composition with a suitable support such as a wooden or metal frame. Just check out the following photos to get a better idea.

Space Saving Ideas for Outdoor Firewood Storage

firewood storage ideas covered patio deck

If you want to impress your guests, you can use your patio deck to store firewood decoratively. Just choose a sheltered corner, where you can keep the firewood from the weather and keep it away from moisture.

how to store firewood outdoors exterior decor

In order not to block your access and view, you can also use any free space under garden furniture such as benches, garden tables or other shelves. In this way, you can convert such furnishing elements into a storage system in a practical and inexpensive way.

Reuse Pallets to Store Firewood Decoratively

how to store firewood outdoors in winter

With a little creativity and craftsmanship, you can create compact and rustic storage sheds for firewood from recycled wooden pallets. This would be an equally sustainable and beautifying solution, giving you free access to logs all year round. You can realize this idea by simply adding corrugated metal sheeting as an improvised roof to moderately protect the wood.

wood stove and firewood storaged

It is also important to keep the firewood from the ground so that it does not get wet during rain or attract pests. Also make sure there is enough space between the pallets and the logs to prevent mold growth by improving air circulation.

Use Old Metal Containers to Store Firewood

how to store firewood oudoors diy ideas

Another way you can store firewood decoratively would be an interesting arrangement of reused metal containers. Depending on the space available and the amount of logs, you can implement this idea with five or more containers. You should stack them tightly on top of each other in a pyramidal way to create an eye-catching and secure structure. Then simply arrange the individual pieces of wood in the containers and create an industrial look in your outdoor space. Try to keep some distance between the logs to prevent mold growth.

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Create an Artistic Design with Oval or Beehive-Shaped Shelves Made of Corten Steel

create functional diy garden decorations for storing firewood from rusty containers

As you can see, there are numerous options for storing logs outdoors. Another one is the use of geometrically shaped compartments that you can position anywhere vertically. You can also create round metal containers yourself from Corten steel.

decorate house wall or garden wall with oval shelves for logs

Simply attach their bottoms to a garden wall or house wall. This creates a beautiful presentation of your rustic-looking firewood that gives your outdoor area a special touch. The back of each container protects the wood from the elements and pests while remaining permeable to light and air.

hexagonal corten steel shelves for firewood storage outdoors

In addition, from the same material you can make a structure with hexagonal cells, imitating a honeycomb. This not only looks original and close to nature, but also allows the individual pieces of wood to be stacked in a practical and space-saving way. Depending on the amount of wood you need to store, you can add as many hexagons as you need.

Indoor Firewood Storage Ideas

space saving indoor firewood storage ideas

Depending on the interior design and available space, as already mentioned, you can also store your firewood within easy reach indoors. You don’t need too much space for this, as you can actually keep just enough pieces of wood for a few cozy evenings. Too much of it can attract spiders and other creepy crawlies to lie around in the living area for longer.

indoor firewood storage ideas

Usually, modern fireplaces have surrounding areas with built-in compartments or shelves for storage. If this isn’t the case for you, you can get creative by using cost-effective alternatives such as reused boxes, baskets and other creative storage options. This means you can keep logs above the ground and spice up your living spaces. Here are a few more ideas for you to consider.

Turn Old Skis into Firewood Storage

repurpose old skis and store firewood decoratively indoors

Be creative indoors by assembling individual skis or similar items and placing them next to your woodstove or fireplace. Depending on the design, you can also paint them in any color and use them as a functional decorative element in your fireplace area. Skis are sturdy enough to support the weight of a few logs, which you can screw together to form an X-shaped frame.

Convert Base Cabinets or Display Cabinets and Store Firewood Decoratively

firewood storage ideas empty base cabinet

An equally space-saving and decorative solution is to use empty compartments of furniture as multi-purpose shelves for firewood. This allows you to elegantly display your firewood in the living room and always have it at hand. Try to use any available empty space and repurpose otherwise unused nooks or base cabinets for better appearance and space utilization. The free space under window sills or other seating areas is also perfect for this and allows you to stylishly change the entire ambience of the interior.

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