DIY cinder block bench in the garden – creative ideas for your patio

Written by Kremena Ruseva


Everyone knows that cinder blocks are a building material. They are weather-resistant, durable, relatively easy to handle and inexpensive. They are perfect for using in gardening and landscaping: for cinder block retaining wall, garden privacy walls, flower beds, firepits, raised garden beds, garden furniture, decorative partitions and much more.


Cinder blocks can be functional and decorative. This ordinary looking, gray concrete blocks are a bit heavy and can not be easily moved back and forth, but are a real relief on the budget. We will show you some creative DIY cinder block bench ideas and see for yourself that cinder blocks have space in your garden.


Garden furniture ideas – DIY cinder block bench


If you are looking for cool ideas for garden furniture, then these DIY cinder block bench ideas are just the thing you need. If you live in a house, a garden or backyard space without a good bench may be useless as you will not be able to enjoy it. It is always nice to sit surrounded by flowers, or the cool shade of a large tree. You do not have to worry about spending a fortune on custom made furniture as you can opt for cinder block garden furniture. There are other ways which will allow you to enjoy time outdoors and add an individual approach in the garden decor. One of the simplest and easiest ways to use cinder blocks is to make the support for the bench.


How to build a garden bench – DIY cinder block bench ideas



Before you build a garden bench, you need to make preparations. Building a DIY cinder block bench may seem easy but like any craft project you will need some materials in advance. You need to measure the length of your bench and get the timber. Sand the timber with sandpaper so that all surfaces are smooth and do not have sharp edges.


Level the ground at the place of the bench, arrange the cinder blocks and insert the timber. Make sure the wood is stained with a sealant for outdoor use. Cedar and cypress wood are weather-resistant wood species and require less maintenance. You can emphasize the stones in a bright color such as blue, yellow or red. Soft cushions provide more comfort and the overall impression of your work will look beautiful.



 Cost effective outdoor furniture


Add color with decorative pillows


 A comfy seat by the pool


A lovely decor for the backyard


 A bench for the balcony



garden-furniture-ideas-DIY-cinder-block-bench-blue paint colorful pillows

DIY-garden-furniture-ideas-DIY-cinder-block-bench-wood blue pads


DIY-cinder-block-bench-red painted patio bench seat cushions









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