How to build a retaining wall from concrete blocks?

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How to build a retaining wall cinder blocks concrete blocks

There are different ways and materials for building a retaining wall on a sloping terrain. Many homeowners wonder how to build a retaining wall, what is the best material and type of wall and how the wall will contribute to the curb appeal and the overall exterior of their home. We shall try to give answers to these questions, especially for the people who undertake a DIY project and build a retaining wall by themselves.

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The stage of planning how to build a retaining wall is always the most important one. It is recommendable to consult a professional about the best retaining wall ideas and designs. The material for your wall as it has to be stable, functional and of course with attractive appearance. It is very important to realize that the key to constructing a stable wall is making sure that it is completely level.

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Many DIY-ers prefer to use some of the many cinder blocks ideas or sturdier concrete blocks to build a basic retaining wall. These blocks are designed exactly for this purpose and are relatively easy to assemble. In addition, this is one of the cheap retaining wall ideas that will do the work without breaking your budget. Interlocking blocks are cheaper and each block fits with the next without a need of mortar to hold them together which means that they are less time and labor consuming.

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If you are one of those who wonder how to build the retaining wall, you need to know that there are some basic rules and steps that you need to follow.

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The first step is to mark the place of the retaining wall and with the help of a string mark the desired height of the wall. The string will also help you to make sure that the height is level.

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Preparing the base for the retaining wall is the second step – excavate the entire area and spread gravel in the trench. Make sure that the gravel is compact and check the level.

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Step three – you can start laying the blocks. Start at one end and proceed to the other. Remember to check the level and alignment of the blocks and adjust them, if necessary, with a rubber mallet. Fill the cores with gravel.

step by step insturctions drainage

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Drainage is crucial so make sure you install a drainage pipe and proceed with laying the remaining courses of blocks. Again, check the level and alignment. Fill the cores with gravel and repeat the steps until you reach the desired height.

H step by step insturctions place capstone

Finish the wall by placing the top course with the capstone blocks. To secure them you can use special adhesive. Let dry as per the instructions of the manufacturer.

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