Elegance and sophistication in the interior with padded wall panels

by Kremy


Padded wall panels are original and give the impression of an expensive interior. Without any doubt, they add a feeling of elegance, sophistication and exclusivity to the room and if you have opted for those wall panels at home, there is no need to talk about the benefits of this finishing material and you already know their advantages.

How to choose padded wall panels



It is up to you to choose the upholstery – fabric or leather. Whichever option, padded wall panels are always soft and pleasant to the touch. The color and style of the wall panels can emphasize any style and the appearance may vary from classic, Baroque, Art Deco, glamorous to modern or even high tech. The most common and popular design is the plush upholstery.


It is especially suitable for vintage antique interiors where the walls are combined with the furniture, and sometimes decorated with one and the same material – leather, textile, etc. Colors would depend on the overall interior and you can either match the color scheme or create an accent wall. Black, white, bright red or elegant pastel colors – all these are there for you to choose from.


Advantages of padded wall panels


In practical terms padded wall panels are an excellent solution for interior designs or home renovations. They are installed very quickly and the job can be completed in only one day plus the fact that the maintenance is really easy. Upholstered wall panels are a convenient and practical solution to keep the heat in the house, but also are a perfect noise insulation. Another great advantage of padded wall panels is that they can hide any imperfections of the walls.

padded-wall-panels- bedroom-wall-panels-headboard-accent-wall


In addition you can hide all the engineering and electrical communication that should not be visible. Last but not least decorative wall panels can be used in a variety of ways – they will be a spectacular ceiling decor, furniture fronts, headboards for beds, etc.


wall-panels-ideas -padded-wall-panels-pastel-colors-bedroom-interior

 Modern tufted wall panels in black


 Elegant living room interior with wall panels in beige


 Minimalist white interior

padded-wall-panels- tufted-wall-panels-white-color-home-decor-ideas

 Modern bedroom decor and an accent wall in gold


 Classic elegance


A beautiful accent wall in brown and gold



padded-wall- panels-brown-beige-gold-tones-living-room






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