25 unusual bedside tables – add an individual character to the bedroom

by Kremy

creative ideas unusual design splaying card table

Check out these creative and unusual bedside tables ideas which will show you how to use or upcycle various object and transform them into very convenient furniture pieces. When it comes to the comfort zone at home, the nightstands are a must. There are many items such as books, glasses and cosmetics, we need around our bed in the evening or in the morning. It is often surprising how all these little things can be fit into the drawers of our bedside table.

 ideas for bedside tables with unusual design stool ladder


If you are not satisfied with the usual table design you can be inspired by these creative and unusual bedside table ideas. If you have old furniture like stools, boxes or maybe an old coffee table made of wood, these unnecessary items can easily take over the function of the bedside table. Apart from these very clear examples, there are also other more unconventional objects that can serve as a bedside table, such as a ladder, some old suitcases and even a drum.

 unusual design breakfast tray

These practical tips will help you if you need a night table, but your budget is not sufficient, or simply you are a fan of the unusual and creative interior design ideas. Look around in your home and locate any objects that can serve as a bedside table. Whether chairs, stools, small tables or even benches can perform this function.

creative ideas sculpture

The unusual bedside tables are also applicable with very strange objects. You can use quite successfully all types of containers, boxes and all possible objects and pieces of furniture that are not too large or too high for the bed in the room. Cinder blocks, an old sewing machine or a large clock from a flea market – you will find fabulous ideas in the gallery below for very original and practical addition to your bedroom furniture.

vintage sewing machine creative ideas

bedside tables with unusual design suitcases

 washing machine drum

 cinder blocks bedroom decorating ideas

unusual tables upcycling furniture ideas office file container

 table ideas industrial clock legs

 ideas upcycling DIY furniture

unusual bedside table dog bed pet house

Unique bedside tables garbage container nightstands

 tables music drum bedroom furniture

Ideas for bedside tables unusual design cool bedroom furniture

Ideas for bedside tables with unusual design ladder

DIY bedroom furniture stool suitcase

 ideas bedside table unusual design tree shape

creative DIY for bedside tables with unusual design wood slats round side table

cool floating nightstand wall drawing

bedside table unusual design music drums upcycling ideas

bedroom nightstand bedside tables unusual design

bedroom nighstand DIY bedroom furniture old ladder

awesome suitcases white paint shabby chic bedroom

 old suitcases upcycling ideas


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