Philippe Starck designs – the point of view of a talented artist

by Kremy

contemporary furniture design ideas by Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck designs are famous all over the world and the French designer is considered to be one of the most successful designers of our time. Widely known for his avant-garde ideas, Philippe Starck designs are not only modern. They show a new and unusual approach and combine practicality and functionality. The diversity of ideas and product designs is very wide and shows the immense creativity of the talent of Philippe Starck.

Philippe Starck designs – unique lamps and chairs

 modern lighting fixtures Chapeau


The unique lamps and chairs are one of the most popular Philippe Starck designs. The famous Chapeau lamp with its minimalist design features an aluminum foot with a solid square base and a LED head.

stainless steel floor lamp with integrated shelves

Despite its simple and classic look is “Bibliotheque Nationale” is a contemporary, high-tech floor lamp. Equipped with a USB port and convenient shelves it provides a bright ambient light and accent reading light. At the same time it offers attractive and practical shelving surface for the things you would like to have with you while relaxing – magazines, books, remote controls, mugs, etc.

philippe starck designs famous chairs contemporary design ideas

Chair designs include masterpieces which mix traditional and modern. It is not a surprise that many companies work with Philippe Starck as the name of the designer only is a guarantee for success.

 Famous Philippe Starck designs

Pibal scooter combination Philippe Starck Peugeot

All of Philippe Starck designs become instantly famous and objects of articles and discussions in the design world. You name it – lamps, chairs, sofas, vehicles, boats, eco-houses, industrial designs – kitchens, tableware, bathrooms, etc. The interiors of hotels, restaurants and bars reflect the individuality and exclusivity of every space. High-tech designs feature headphones, computer mouse and a plethora of items, created with sensitivity to the needs of the modern lifestyle.

Zenithal crystal chandelier design

Modern chair design – Magic Hole Armchair

  Magic Hole Armchair modern chair design

 The lazy working sofa 

philippe starck designs lazy working sofa modern furniture design

 Ghost chairs – modern and eye catching

 Ghost chairs acrylic chairs modern furniture

 Juicy Salif lemon squeezer

Juicy Salif lemon squeezer

Outdoor lounge furniture daybed Dedon collection

modern pendant lamp glass screen ROMEO LOUIS II S2

master chair designs furniture design red

gun lamp collection designer

gun lamp unique lamp design ideas

famous designs my world sofa modern furniture

dedon hanging chair designs modern

Crystal chandelier Zenith designs

contemporary sofa fabric designs modern furniture

contemporary pendant lights KTRIBE S



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